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By Jeff Semon – Candidate for U.S. Congress from Lexington (New MA-05)

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At the end of this past summer, I wrote an article outlining how President Obama would most likely return from his vacation on Martha's Vineyard with a jobs plan resembling the 2009 stimulus. True to form, the President did just that. Now he is going around the country campaigning under the guise of promoting his jobs plan.

The President's jobs bill is nothing more than a rehash of failed Keynesian policies that he has tried over the course of his presidency with terrible results. Aside from the dreadful performance of our President, what is most egregious this time around is his engagement in class warfare .

At every stop on the President's tour, he reiterates that the rich must pay more of their “fair-share,” promoting the concept that our economy is a “zero-sum” game. That is to say, if one person gains wealth another person must lose it. This is utter nonsense. Throughout the history of our country, each generation has made incremental steps forward compared to the previous one. Alongside this, the free market and private sector has raised the standard of living by a gigantic margin. Whether it be the mass produced automobile, cellular phones that were $4,000 that are now free if you simply sign up for a plan, or the miracle of innovation that Steve Jobs brought about with Apple.

At each and every step it has been capitalism and the free market that marked this upward surge. So why does the President and the Democratic party insist on stoking the flames of resentment towards those who have had success? The answer is simple.

They can't run on their record or results.

Fueling the fire of wealth envy is a shrewd tactic and the Democrats use it effectively. However, it can only mask reality for so long. The most common talking point from this tactic is the repeal of the “Bush Tax Cuts.”

Putting aside the fact that that the treasury collected record revenue after the lower rates took effect, the question must be asked, what will raising the rates back to the Clinton era accomplish? Many Democrats want it as a part of deficit reduction claiming a “balanced approach,” but President Obama says he wants to spend it on his jobs bill. So which is it? Even estimates from a liberal perspective indicate that the greatest amount of revenue we would generate by going back to the Clinton rates for the wealthy is $70 – $80 billion annually.

We have an annual deficit of $1.6 trillion.

This means an increase in taxes would solve 5% of our problem. That is, if in fact we really do collect $80 billion, which is highly unlikely with 9% unemployment and the money ACTUALLY goes towards deficit reduction and isn't spent elsewhere.

Raising taxes on the wealthy is an intentional distraction meant to divide Americans and divert focus from failure after failure of the Democratic party. Whether government spending is for stimulus or green projects such as Solyndra, Beacon Power or Evergreen Solar, it will fail. It is inherently incapable of working.

What does work is limited government. What does work is the free market. What does work is capitalism. While it may make the left and those who are not wealthy feel better to blame the rich, it is not a solution.

The answer to our deficit and debt problem is to cut spending. We do this by reigning in massive federal bureaucracies and reforming Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. The answer of how the government will collect more tax revenue is to create more tax payers, not raise tax rates. The answer to the problem of economic stagnation is to unleash the private sector, not more government spending. We do this by lowering corporate tax rates, simplifying and flattening our tax code and responsibly removing burdensome regulations.

Republicans have these answers. Democrats do not.

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About Jeff in 2012

About Jeff in 2012

About Jeff in 2012