Senate Republicans Offer Alternative Congressional Districts Map

(Man what a great map – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

Today the Senate Republicans filed an alternative Congressional redistricting proposal to comply with the state’s need to reduce its number of Congressional seats from 10 to 9 beginning with the 2012 elections.

The plan was filed as an amendment to House Bill 3798, “An Act Establishing Congressional Districts,” which is expected to be debated later this evening during a formal Senate session.  A copy of the amendment, along with images of how the new maps for each district will look, can be viewed at…

The GOP amendment:

• limits the number of municipalities that would be split between two Congressional districts to only five, compared to the Joint Committee on Redistricting’s original plan to split 10 municipalities;

• assures that no individual precincts will be divided between two different Congressional districts, differing from the Redistricting Committee’s proposed plan to divide individual precincts within eight municipalities;

• creates a new Bristol County district that connects communities with common interests into a single district;

• supports a majority-minority district of voting age individuals based in Boston; and

• makes all other districts more compact and/or contiguous.

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