Scott Brown v OccuMom Betty Warren

So Scott Brown (R-MA), a kid who worked hard to escape a dysfunctional setting and moved from the housing projects to the US Senate is the elitist and Democrat Elizabeth Warren, the the self proclaimed founder of Occupy Wall Street (“I created much of the intellectual foundation for what they do.”) is the underdog?

One percent bracketed Harvard Professor Elizabeth Warren is the underdog?

I’m not sure how the Democrats are going to pull off this one. Warren, according to Politico, earned roughly $740,000 in 2010. This includes her husband’s salary and money she earned launching the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The couple also reported $4,600,000 in investments and property. This puts her well in the 1% that “her” Occupy movement is targeting.

Does Warren understand the hypocrisy? Absolutely when one observes the maneuvers she is making to delay earnings reports such as the mandatory Senate Campaign earnings report due already (Oct 15)  but somehow she was given special permission to deliver that information in January 2012. She grossly under reported her 2009 income, hoping to slide that past the right wing media.

It might prove to be too surreal to watch America’s first Occupy Wall Street candidate Elizabeth Warren, try to convince the Massachusetts “99%” voters  that she feels their pain.  A tough sell from her perch high above the lower and middle class grind of everyday life where she enjoys the fruits of capitalism in her several homes while condemning it from the podium.

Let us hope and pray that Warren parades Senator John Forbes Kerry out on the campaign trail. It is becoming increasingly clear that Brown has made the loss of Kennedy, seamless in the areas of constituent services and equally important, that Brown is running circles around Kerry in Washington fighting for Massachusetts. Brown has impressed many around the nation in the matters of the complex fishing industry regulations and communities like New Bedford ($1B annual fishing gross), Gloucester, Barnstable, Plymouth, Chatham already feel comfortable with Senator Brown. New Bedford is losing Rep. Barney Frank to re-districting and on the alpha-issue of fisheries, can ill afford to lose another well versed voice coming from an even higher position like Senator Brown.

So far, Warren has been quite generous with sound bites, elusive earnings maneuvers and claims. We have a whole year of Brown v Warren in front of us.…

In that document, Warren disclosed that she and her husband own a fully paid-for house in Cambridge, Mass., worth between $1 million and $5 million. Campaign aides said Warren hadn’t referenced the home in earlier reports because she had only recently rented it out while staying in Washington, D.C.

The Oct. 24 report also revealed that the family’s financial investments are worth between $3.6 million and $9.6 million, since the disclosure forms only require employees to select a range. That included mutual funds and bonds invested with TIAA-CREF, at least $1 million kept in five savings accounts, and between $100,000 and $250,000 in IBM stock.blockquote>

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