Peter Torkildsen Endorses Bob Maginn for MassGOP Chairman

Former Congressman & MassGOP Chairman Peter Torkildsen emailed State Committee members with the following endorsement letter on behalf of Bob Maginn to become the next MassGOP Chair.

Dear Massachusetts’ Republican State Committee Member,

As the many members who were on the State Committee when I had the honor of serving as your Party Chairman know, I took the job and all its responsibilities very seriously. Today, with that same level of seriousness, I ask you to consider voting for Bob Maginn as your next Chairman and fully endorse his candidacy.

I’ve known Bob for more than fifteen years, and have had the pleasure of having many in-depth discussions with Bob concerning my outlook on the future of the Party and his vision of all that’s possible for us to achieve in 2012. Bob brings many qualities to the table that will help him achieve his ambitious and unifying vision for the MA GOP: a proven ability to fundraise; his success as an entrepreneur in business; his campaign experience as a state-wide candidate where he worked hand-in-hand with grassroots activists across the commonwealth; and his conservative Republican principles and ability to express and deliver his message to the all-important independent voters of Massachusetts.

I have a perhaps unique perspective on the Mass GOP chair, from my service as a Congressman, State Representative, senior-level appointee to several Republican Governors, Town Committee Chair, State Committee Member, and State Party Chair.  I have to admit that being State Chair was one of the most challenging, as the chair is responsible for the future of the Party and oversee the day-to-day decisions that makes the Massachusetts GOP function.

I’m fully confident Bob Maginn will be the strong hand on the wheel we need to harness the opportunities the 2012 elections will bring us. We will have a very strong GOP ballot from bottom to top and I believe Bob gives us the best chance to help re-elect our incumbents, increase our numbers in the State House and Senate caucuses, build the farm team so vital to further our success and help get all our candidates get reelected and new candidates get elected from local to State Representative, to State Senate to the US Senate with Scott Brown!

In the past 20 years, Bob has helped numerous candidates raise funds.  He has dealt with the press on a regular basis as a state wide candidate for State Treasurer.  And as a successful business owner employing 300 people and hiring more here in Massachusetts, he knows how to achieve significant results with a vision and a dedicated staff.  In summary, Bob has all the skills and experience necessary for the Mass GOP to build on its recent successes.

I hope you’ll join me is supporting Bob Maginn for State Party Chairman and as always, thank you for all the support and friendship you’ve shown me over the years.

Best regards,


Hon. Peter G. Torkildsen

Massachusetts Republican Party Chairman 2007-2009

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