Pension Reform Bill

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I see the governor signed the pension bill this week. Most of the reforms in the bill are long overdue and have been championed by republicans for some time. It is interesting to note that much of the focus and media coverage of the bill centered on the pension grab by former Mayor and Fire Chief of Weymouth, David Madden.

At the time Madden was elected, Senator Bob Hedlund- who squared off with Madden in the general election- pointed out precisely and presciently the scenario that would unfold regarding Mr. Madden’s maneuvering through existing loopholes in the pension system- including going back for one day as Fire Chief to retire under a Group 4 (Fire Dept) category (retiring 10 years earlier at 55 at maximum benefit utilizing the salary calculation as Mayor).

This video, which I noticed on a Weymouth blog site is pretty good for a local election campaign ad produced in the late 90’s. It seems the Hedlund camp was dead-on in its predictions!

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