Occupiers: Everyone should have it. No one should have to pay for it.

The urban campers of Occupy Boston temporarily de-camped from the Greenway this afternoon to march through the streets of downtown Boston.  To the extent that a single coherent theme to the signs and chanting could be discerned, apparently today’s was a protest against “education debt.”  Here’s the Herald:

Members of the Occupy Boston movement, students from area colleges and union workers have marched through downtown Boston to protest the nation’s burgeoning student debt crisis.

The protest started at Occupy Boston’s Dewey Square tent city today and stopped outside Bank of America offices and the downtown Harvard Club before moving to the Statehouse.

Protesters said higher education has gotten too costly, in part because of onerous, high-interest loans. They said college is moving out of reach for regular Americans.

I’m not counted among the those who feel the need to preface any criticism of the “occupiers” with a few conciliatory words about the legitimacy of their complaints.  Sure a lot of them have genuine gripes – as do a lot more people out there who are spending their days and nights at infinitely more constructive/less annoying pursuits.  So what?  Times are tough, and everyone is finding ways to deal with it.  This guy’s excellent rant pretty much sums up my own feelings (warning: language).

At first I criticized the “movement” for its failure to come up with a comprehensible set of demands.  As time marches on, though, that becomes more and more beside the point.  It’s not like these people are holding a plane full of hostages.  They are squatting in parks.  It’s a nuisance, but in truth they could remain in place for years and broader society would find no more compelling a need to bow to their “demands” than is felt today.

It’s time to pack it in, gang.  Sticking around while the rest of the world loses interest is only going to encourage the militant few among you to greater and greater extremes.  Eventually someone is going to get killed, and surely the vast majority of you don’t want that.  If you still have some yearning to social action left over after your shower and de-lousing, find yourself a candidate and start collecting votes for next November.

Anyhow, back to the education debt thing.  Dear Boston Occupiers: Please point out the person(s) who put a gun to your head and forced you to rack up a bunch of education debt.  I’ll happily give him/her/them a piece of my mind on your behalf.

Wait?  There’s no such person?  You mean you read the papers, pondered the numbers, filled out the forms and signed on the line of your own free will?

Then, excuse me, but what in the H-E-Doublehockeysticks are you chanting about?!

It would make as much sense to march through the streets protesting your flat screen, your Ipad 2 (with three years of AppleCare), and your pre-torn designer jeans.  Or demonstrating against your hangover the morning after a bender on the first night of your seven day Spring Break trip to Cancun.  Life is consequences… READ THE REST at CriticalMASS

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