More Emails Circulating about MassGOP Chairman Election

On October 24, I received what I believe is the first email concerning the upcoming MassGOP Chairman’s election.  The email was from a Mr. Rick Stanley Jones and it was a barrage of fire directed at Bob Maginn (usually misspelled “McGinn”).

It was this email that sparked my first hour-long conversation with Bob Maginn as directly answered each & every concern raised in that email.

That email was followed up recently by another from Mr. Jones.  This time, it was directed against against Frank McNamara.

Actually, it was an email reply to Mike Franco, who has been posting here on RMG as of late.  

I’ll reproduce both Franco’s attack piece on Maginn as well as the Rick Jones reply.  

I have absolutely no clue who Rick Stanley Jones is except that the name “Rick Jones” reminds me of the ol’ Marvel Comics sidekick for Captain America, Captain Marvel, and the Hulk.  I also won’t even attempt to vouch for any claims made against either Maginn or McNamara.  

Assuming the factual nature for a moment, let me put out one plea to both sides (and I consider myself a member of one of them).  That is simply this: regardless of who wins or who loses on Wednesday evening, it is my sincere hope & prayer that we can actually unite behind the victor and move forward against the common enemy — that is the liberal ideology and policy of the dominion we call the Massachusetts Democratic Party.

Both Bob Maginn and Frank McNamara are good people with equally good people on either side of the matter.  Yes, I do greatly disagree with the tactics of some people.  I reject the intimidation, name calling, and down right threats made by some but at least I can admire the passion of their convictions and belief that they are acting on what they believe is best for the MassGOP.

Let the victor go forth with humility and the runner-up in unity. We spend far too much time tearing each other down in this damn party rather than fighting together against the common foe or for a common goal.  

Please note, the only editing I’ve made to the exchange below is to remove the actual email addresses of Mr. Jones & Mr. Franco.  After all, they can make those public if they wish.  I know Mike Franco maintains his public email distribution list but it’s not for me to expose him or Mr. Jones to a a potential email bombardment.

I will vote for Bob Maginn come Wednesday evening.  I’ve asked my friends upon the State Committee to do likewise.  I’ve been the fortunate recipient of mostly positive, pro-McNamara calls from a couple of elected officials.  I’ve also been subject to arm twisting and intimidation attempts.  I thank the former and to the latter, they backfired.  Miserably, and they closed the window of opportunity for my vote in regards to Mr. McNamara.  That said, if Frank McNamara emerges the victor, then God bless him and the MassGOP.  I look forward to hopefully working with him over the next four years if that is indeed the case.

Enough with the darkness of the swirling conspiracy theories, name calling, and otherwise bad behavior that blackness the Party’s eye and is far beneath us as conservative brethren.  Enough with the cries, and especially the fabrications of “RINO!!!”  Enough with the politics of personal destruction.  Leave that to the Democrats!

I simply ask that pro-McNamara supporters can make the same pledge if and when Bob Maginn is our next MassGOP Chairman.

I also welcome McNamara or his supporters to tear apart Mr. Jones’s email as Bob Maginn did for me a little over a month ago. I’m not posting this as an attack.  Rather, an opportunity to dispel the idle rumors and nasty accusations…just as Bob Maginn has had to cast aside arrows shot his way.

Finally, I’m proud that United States Senator Scott Brown is endorsing Bob Maginn for MassGOP Chair.  

Just a part of the official list includes the following and I dare say that there are plenty of absolutely solid, diehard conservatives among the list:

Massachusetts State Legislators

Rep. Jay Barrows

Rep. Rich Bastien

Rep. Matt Beaton

Rep. Vinny deMacedo

Rep. Angelo D’Emilia

Rep. Kim Ferguson

Rep. Paul Frost

Rep. Sheila Harrington

Rep. Brad Hill

Rep. Steven Howitt

Rep. George Peterson

Rep. Elizabeth Poirier

Rep. George Ross

Rep. David Vieira

Rep. Dan Winslow

Rep. Donald Wong

Senate Minority Leader Bruce Tarr

House Minority Leader Brad Jones

Statewide Candidates

Former Gubernatorial Nominee Charlie Baker

Former Lt. Gov. GOP & State Rep. Reed Hillman

Former GOP Nominee for Attorney General Jim McKenna

MassGOP Leadership

Former Congressman & State Part Chair Peter Torkildsen

National Committeeman Ron Kaufman

National Committeewoman Jody Dow

Elected Officials

US Senator Scott Brown

Former Governor Paul Cellucci

Lt. Governor Kerry Healey

Former Congressman Peter Blute

Former GOP Nominee for Congress Jon Golnik

Former GOP Nominee for Congress Tom Wesley

Essex County Sheriff Frank Cousins

Barnstable County Sheriff James Cummings

Worcester County Sheriff Lew Evangelidis

Bristol County Sheriff Tom Hodgson

Former Candidates for Chair

Brent Andersen

Peter Blute

Vincent Cogliano

Jon Golnik

Kaitlyn Greely

Karyn Polito

From: Rick jones

Sent: Saturday, November 26, 2011 9:14 AM

To: undisclosed-recipients:

Subject: Response to Time to be thankful, and to do the right thing. From Mr. Franco

I received this today ref Mr. McNamara, Interesting he is now a conservative

A world class candidate?

Who is forced to resign as US attorney due to his conduct and hostility from his staff

Who made false allegations about Bill Weld that ignited yet another investigation?

Who wants to be a voice for local and state candidates but who last ran for office some 30 years ago!!

Who talks about his fundraising prowess but has little if any record of giving to local, state or federal candidates (see below)

Who raised no money for a campaign in which he was finance chair, left it racked by debt and lawsuits and to this day that fails to properly file with the FEC

At a time when the MA GOP needs to be unified, we look to a person who is a divider as our savior?????

Don’t believe the hype…we can…and must do better

#1  U.S. Attorney in Massachusetts Quits Amid Inquiry Special to the New York Times Published: January 31, 1989

Faced with a Federal investigation of his conduct and overt hostility from his staff, the United States Attorney in Massachusetts, Frank L. McNamara Jr., resigned today, saying, ”The work of this office is far too important to be sidetracked by any controversy.” Jeremiah O’Sullivan, chief attorney for the Justice Department’s Organized Crime Strike Force in New England, was named interim successor. State officials and lawyers in the United States Attorney’s Office have been urging Mr. McNamara to resign since November, when the Justice Department released a report concluding that he had falsely accused his predecessor, William F. Weld, of smoking marijuana. The department opened an investigation to determine whether Mr. McNamara had deliberately lied, and staff members said the events had undermined public confidence in the office to the point that justice could not be carried out properly. Mounting pressure against the Republican appointee reached a peak last Friday, when 28 of his 39 assistant attorneys sent a letter to Dick Thornburgh, the Attorney General, seeking Mr. McNamara’s ”immediate resignation or removal.”   Announcing his resignation this morning, Mr. McNamara said he would return to private practice ”with great enthusiasm,” adding that he bore no ”malice or ill will” toward those who clamored for his resignation. Mr. McNamara, 41 years old, refused to answer any questions from reporters. Bad feelings between Mr. McNamara and some of his staff members date from his appointment in April 1987. His confirmation by the Senate was delayed until November 1987, because of questions raised by the Judiciary Committee over his income tax returns and over the use of campaign funds from his unsuccessful bid to unseat Representative Thomas P. O’Neill Jr., the Massachusetts Democrat who was Speaker of the House. At the time, the Justice Department, the Federal Election Commission and the Joint Tax Committee assured the senators that his finances were in order. After his confirmation, Mr. McNamara angered some of his staff members by making decisions that they said were motivated by partisan politics. He demoted Richard Stearns, a liberal Democrat who was his top deputy, and replaced him with a conservative.

Mr. McNamara told the Justice Department that he had seen Mr. Weld, a former United States Attorney who is now in private practice in Boston, smoking marijuana at a party in 1982. A report by Mr. Thornburgh concluded that there was no truth to the allegation and said Mr. McNamara himself had admitted using the drug as recently as four years ago. Mr. McNamara’s colleagues said they could not understand why he would have made such an allegation. The Justice Department began an inquiry, which is continuing.

#2 Last week, Justice Department officials said they would expand their review of Mr. McNamara by examining his decision to close an investigation of a downtown real estate development known as 75 State Street. According to reports in Boston area newspapers, a developer of the office building, Harold Brown, told Federal authorities that a lawyer, Thomas E. Finnerty, had coerced him into paying $500,000 to insure government approval of the project. Mr. Finnerty is a business associate of William Senate, who had lobbied for Mr. McNamara’s Congressional confirmation.

#3    In 1982 he was a Republican candidate for Congress in Massachusetts’s 8th congressional district. He defeated former State Republican Chairman William Barnstead in the primary 5,429 votes to 4,477. In the general election he lost to Democratic Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill 123,296 votes to 41,370.

#4  No record of ANY contributions to ANY Republican or otherwise located in Massachusetts OCPF

#5  FEC contributions record;


BOLTON, MA 01740








BOLTON, MA 01740








BOLTON, MA 01740







a. NO donations to MEAS

b. Meas’s finances are in shambles
















c. Meas’s yearend closing

Latest Cash On Hand:


Debts Owed By:


#7    McNamara Fund Raising

a. During the 1982 Congressional elections, O’Neill’s seat was challenged by Massachusetts lawyer Frank McNamara, who had financed most of his campaign with money from oil interests in Oklahoma and Texas. Voters in Massachusetts, plagued by oil prices and a poor economy for many years, felt no love for McNamara and his oil money and instead mocked him as he announced his candidacy on the steps of the US Capitol.

From: Mike Franco

Sent: Friday, November 25, 2011 6:50 PM

To: Mike Franco

Subject: Time to be thankful, and to do the right thing.

The State Committee of the Massachusetts Republican Party has a crucial decision to make this Wednesday evening at the Newton Marriott just outside Boston. A group of some 80 committee members will meet to select the next chairman to manage and direct the party.

However, operations at state GOP have been pretty much business as usual, especially now pending a change-of-command. The typical, uninspiring endorsements that have maintained the status quo for more than a decade flow hither and “yawn” from the establishment to the political elite.

You may sample one of the old and tired tactics here at this link:…

The people throughout the hierarchy who push the same-old, same-old can be divided into three categories. In the first category we have the torchbearers; in the second are the water carriers; and in the third are the cheerleaders. These three groups afford us an intuitive understanding of the terms that define them, while helping us to identify the players within each.

Torchbearers are party operatives who push for a culturally progressive agenda, or they might manifest as milquetoast moderates with deep monetary interests, or a combination thereof.

The water carriers are those who provide the political defense to protect any move the establishment makes. These folks generally have weak curricula vitae, and hence struggle to survive in the real world at a professional level. They often pose as committee conservatives with the trite and cliché mantra, “I’m just as conservative as the next guy, but … “. Then we see them in social media, winking and nodding with their “true” friends.

And finally, there are the cheerleaders. They are the smiley-faced, kumbaya souls who “just want to have fun”, and they have no clue what makes good public policy, or about the seriousness of the issues of the day that face our state and nation.

The outdated methods, along with the support of these groups of party faithful, have stunted our growth and weakened our effectiveness. And the conservative grassroots across Massachusetts continues to express a sentiment that the party does not represent them. Even many traditional, long-time Republicans have become disenchanted by the razzle-dazzle of which there is little-to-no substance.

We cannot separate cause and effect. Republican and un-enrolled voters, activists and prospective candidates will not join us if we continue to ignore core principles and values. And, in order to give disillusioned and unengaged citizens a place to turn, we must hold the appropriate GOP banner on their behalf.

On issue after issue – immigration, marriage, abortion, public education, taxes and many others – the people’s will runs contrary to the establishment and political elite. The absence of sound principle underlying our effort is the reason why local Republican committees across the state have faded and failed. And there is little motivation to do the hard work necessary for real success.

The blame for this should fall squarely on the shoulders of the state party for not providing that broad ideological foundation mentioned above.

However, our ability to enlist an alienated electorate has improved slightly over the last two years due to a tea party affect. Yet, I predict we will continue to struggle at the polls and among the grassroots without the right change in leadership at the executive and board level of the MA GOP.

The State Committee will make its first decision next week. Let us implore them to not retreat to the old days and tired ways of a timid and faceless party. And we should warn them now not to squander resources on one or two future campaigns at the top, and to stop allowing us to be controlled by proxy for the benefit of a select few.

Regardless of any anticipated fecklessness, there are many reasons to be thankful. Number one, we are Americans. Second, we are blessed to be guardians of a Judeo-Christian culture and heritage. And finally, we are fortunate to know, and have in our midst, a Republican like Frank McNamara who is willing to fight for what is right.

McNamara is a world-class candidate to become our next GOP chairman.

The majority of the electorate looks to Republicans to take a clear and principled leadership role. We, in the conservative grassroots of the party, look to our State Committee to do the right thing. If they do this, they will have our valued support.

Choosing a leader like Frank McNamara can help fulfill this promise.

Mike Franco, Member

MA Conservative Grassroots

(The election for our next chairman is scheduled for Wed., Nov. 30 at the Newton Marriott.)

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