MASSterList: Scramble of bills at session’s close – Final gambling bill released – Cambridge pols u

HEADING FOR VENUS: Queue your 'Best of Europe' CD, it's getting down to the wire for several pieces of legislation (Sun, WBUR), including that coveted gambling bill that was reported out of conference committee last night. (GlobeHerald) Oh, and the transgender bill (HeraldGlobe). And the crime bill. (PIAP) And a bunch of others, probably.

REDISTRICTING: Right, like redistricting, which saw Cambridge “getting dissed,” according to Rep. Alice Wolf. Serve 'em back, Cambridge, serve 'em back. (WL)

2016 IS SO FAR AWAY: Joe Battenfeld spins the Herald's 'Wheel O' Speculation' and it lands on “Deval 4 Prez.”

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