MASSterList: Romney camp wants Patrick admin Obama emails – Sen. Berry won’t seek reelection – Brow

GOV FIGHT: So you're saying that Patrick people leaked the Romney staffer harddrive story to the press because Obama's neo-CREEP wanted them to? Oh well, how will we ever know? (APGlobe) Oh, that's how we'll know (PI). Yeah, that'll work.

MR. LEADER: Senate majority leader Fred Berry will not run for reelection in 2012. (ItemAP)

REAL WRATH OF GOD TYPE STUFF: Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together, Scott Brown and Barney Frank agreeing, mass hysteria! 

Occupy Boston Protesters March For Jobs – Boston News Story – WCVB Boston Town meeting members vote to keep the pledge in classrooms Bill to crack down on hiring illegals |

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