MASSterList: JPKIII looks to reupholster family carpetbag – Mitt’s McDuck days – Frank says distric

I FOR ONE WELCOME OUR NEW GINGER OVERLORD: Does this scrawny Middlesex County assistant DA really think he can just carpetbag into Barney Frank's district and beat the electoral might of a Sam Sutter? The legislative experience of a Cindy Creem? The hair and on-TV-all-the-time-ness of a Mike Ross? The… Pachecocity of a Marc Pacheco? What's this kid's name, anyway? Oh. Never mind then, carry on.(Globe, Herald)

MITT MONITOR: WBUR continues it's look at Mitt Romney's glory days of corporate swashbuckling and Scrooge McDuck-like money swimming.
Photo of the day: Mitt buys lots of pizza.

HE SHOULD START A BLOG: Barney Frank is saying the new district map would pretty much just have been a pain in the neck to win. (Globe)

PAINT IT BLACK: That special electricity in the air you feel around Beacon Hill today can mean only one thing: Secretary of State Bill Galvin is going to be Acting Governor today. Gov. Patrick's off to Chile and the L.G.'s headed to Florida for a Lt. Governor's conference, leaving the true Lord of the Hill in charge. Everyone look busy.

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