Legislative Support Letter for Bob Maginn for MassGOP Chair

I just received this via email from House Minority Leader Brad Jones on behalf of the GOP caucus supporters of Bob Maginn for MassGOP Chair.  The original letter was a .pdf attachment but I have no idea how to post it in the fancy format so this text will have to do.  🙂

November 10, 2011

Dear Republican State Committee Member,

As members of the House Republican Caucus, ranging from veteran legislators to freshmen elected last Fall, we are proud to enthusiastically endorse Bob Maginn as the next Chair of the Massachusetts Republican Party. We ask you, our dedicated GOP friends and colleagues, to join us in supporting Bob.

Some of us have known Bob for many years, and for others, his is a new friendship. We know he has the right qualities to lead, especially amid the highly-competitive races we will endure next year. Bob has a proven track record the Party needs: tackling major fundraising, working closely with grassroots activists, and using not only what he has learned but also what he has built as a successful entrepreneur, to keep our Party organized, focused, and, above all, well-resourced. Bob has already displayed a strong commitment in ensuring the victory of House candidates by maxing out to our House PAC during the last cycle.

Last year was an incredible year for the GOP. Not only did we more than double our numbers in the House of Representatives – something we had not seen in 20 years – but we also pulled off an amazing feat that had not been realized in nearly four decades: the election of a Republican to the United States Senate. Scott Brown’s historic election embodied everything we could ever want as Massachusetts Republicans – someone from the farm team achieving very high elected office.

But as you know, our work is far from over. The 2012 campaign cycle will be one of the hardest we will ever fight. Not only are the Democrats intent on taking back the incredible gains we have made in the House, but they are just as committed to returning the U.S. Senate seat to Democrat hands.

Collectively, we have won nearly 60 races for state representative throughout the Commonwealth. We cannot stress enough the importance of protecting our incumbents and putting a strategy in place to consolidate our gains from 2010 and build on these going forward. Without dedicated support and commitment to getting more Republicans elected, the recent victories we have accomplished will be short-lived. We will be counting on a chairman who will live up to this commitment and not bend under pressure. We know Bob will successfully tackle this major undertaking.

We hope you will join us in supporting Bob Maginn for State Party Chairman and as always, thank you for all you do to support us. We look forward to working with you and our new Chair towards a victorious 2012!


Bradley H. Jones, Jr.

House Republican Leader

George N. Peterson, Jr.

Assistant House Republican Leader

Bradford R. Hill

House Republican Whip

Elizabeth A. Poirier

Assistant House Republican Whip

Vinny deMacedo

Ranking Republican, House Ways & Means

F. Jay Barrows

State Representative

Richard Bastien

State Representative

Angelo L. D’Emilia

State Representative

Kimberly N. Ferguson

State Representative

Paul K. Frost

State Representative

Sheila C. Harrington

State Representative

Steven S. Howitt

State Representative

George T. Ross

State Representative

David T. Vieira

State Representative

Daniel B. Winslow

State Representative

Donald H. Wong

State Representative

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