Is Newt All That’s Left of the Right?

After last night, I can’t imagine any GOP donor giving Rick Perry $5.

Bachmann’s moment has come and gone, and no one will give Santorum (the 2012 equivalent of Sam Brownback 2008) the time of day.

Huntsman won’t get traction for being too relatively moderate.  And Ron Paul isn’t going to get any more traction that he’s accumulated among “Ron Paul voters.”

And Cain, well, he hasn’t lost as much ground (yet) as one would have thought due to the allegations, but it’s looking awfully tenuous, especially if more primary voters and caucus-goers begin to get 9-9-9 fatigue.

That leaves Newt Gingrich.

If GOP voters want someone other than Mitt Romney – someone who declared himself to the left of Ted Kennedy on gay rights, someone who provided the model for ObamaCare here in Massachusetts, someone who has been all over the map on abortion rights, someone who declared humans responsible for global warming, someone who is easy to portray as a flip-flopping, untrustworthy, out-of-touch millionaire who believes in nothing and got rich laying off Americans and shipping jobs overseas – then the only still-viable alternative is Newt Gingrich.

So who on RMG is going the Newt Route?

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  • MerrimackMan

    You have to lie and rant about him, and yet again are putting out the candidacies of the other Republican as the “Final alternative”. It was Rick Perry, then it was Herman Cain, and now you are pushing Newt Gingrich. You are a freakin’ broken record, and your posts are frankly boring and the worst of the Democratic talking points machine. Why don’t you get a thinking mind and engage the world with critical thinking skills, instead of following orders and talking points from on above? You would be much more highly respected here, and in your regular life, and would probably be a happy person for it.

    Get ready, cause its gonna be Mitt on those steps come January 2013. What a perfect way to celebrate the second anniversary of Scott Brown’s election!

  • geo999


  •    Trashing your candidate is not the way to help him win the nomination.

  • as much as you might want it to be.  Mitt Romney is the most renowned flip-flopped among the Presidential candidates – perhaps among any Presidential candidate in our lifetime.

    And he is clearly, very much pandering to audiences.  When he ran for Senator and Governor in Massachusetts, he was a moderate, even liberal in the style of Bill Weld-light.  When he was prepping for President, he pulled hard right for a GOP primary audience.  This isn’t a debatable point.  It’s reality.

    And Mr. Low Taxes is the flip-side of the same coin of Mr. Raise Them Fees!  So your supposed “core beliefs” idea isn’t so demonstrable.

    Senator Kennedy wasn’t always for same-sex marriage equality.  And Mitt Romney said he was to Ted’s left.  So, um, what?  Your contention is that Mitt was for same-sex marriage equality at some point?  Civil unions?  What?  I don’t know what you “believe,” but I know what Mitt Romney “said,” and you do, too.

  • Republican Ram Rod Radio

    Oh CVIM you gotta slow down, you’re not making any sense these days.

    Yesterday you said Mitt Romney “believes in nothing.” Then you challenged MerrimackMan to . . .

    Please point to one lie I’ve told about Mitt Romney. – CVIM

    He clearly pointed to your lie and now you’re pulling the ‘well the perception is . . . ‘ defense.  

    You lost this one dude.  You shot your mouth off, got called on it, and now you feel embarrassed.  It’s no big deal.  Just shake it off and come back on Monday, that’s all.

    Have a good weekend everyone.

  • Our country is in serious trouble. We all recognize the need for America to wake up.

    We need this primary season to run as long as possible with candidates talking about issues that matter. There are only 3 candidates talking about important issues. Newt Gingrich, Dr. Ron Paul and Buddy Roemer. Newt may be the king of one liners, but nobody is served when Ron Paul is given 89 seconds in an hour long debate and the mainstream media constantly changes to the rules to keep Buddy Roemer from the debates.  

    Buddy Roemer is the only presidential candidate who has been a governor and a congressman. He is unafraid to talk about issues the other candidates ignore Buddy talks about more issues in a minute and a half than these other candidates will talk about in six months.