I want to thank “Iron Mike,” McNamara Supporter

     I want to take this opportunity to publicly thank Mr. “Iron Mike” Farquhar, a vocal supporter of Mr. Frank McNamara for MassGOP Chair, for the courage and honesty to stand up and admit when he made a mistake.

No, Mr. Farquhar didn’t change his support to Bob Maginn, far from it but he was a big enough of a gentleman to issue a public correction earlier today to a blog post that he made yesterday.

Iron Mike had erroneously reported that Bob Maginn failed to votein 2010.  When given evidence to the contrary, and then following up to his own satisfaction with the Belmont Town Clerk, he had the courtesy to issue a correction to his erroneous report.

In fact, if you follow Mr. Farquhar’s link to his “Rabid Republican” blog he admits that after speaking to to the Belmont Town Clerk that Bob Maginn not only voted in 2010 but that Bob voted 5 times that year!  

Indeed, Bob Maginn had changed his voter registration when he changed his driver’s license from Cambridge to Belmont.  Mr. Farquhar admits that there was nothing at fault in Bob Maginn’s actions.

I had the occasion to have a series of email exchanges with Mike Farquhar last night that included my providing evidence to him of Bob Maginn’s voting record.  I thank Mr. Farquhar for the cordial exchange.  While we certainly did not persuade the other to change our preferences as to who would be the best next MassGOP Chairman, I do want to thank Mike Farquhar for issuing this correction.  It is not easy to admit when you made a mistake and I appreciate Mr. Farquhar’s standing up and rising to this occasion.

I am sure that Frank McNamara and the majority of his supporters would prefer that both campaigns take the high road, stop any mud slinging, or other acts of negative campaigning.  With about 48 hours left of this race let us honor our Party, the conservative movement, and do right by both Mr. McNamara & Bob Maginn and pledge to hold ourselves to the highest of standards as Republicans.  

Indeed, in the event that I had been rather harsh or hasty, I’ve removed my previous RMG diary about “More MassGOP Emails Circulating.”  I was serious when I offered to have a drink (adult or not) with Mr. Mike Franco and others (yes, you to Mr. Whelan & Mr. Howell, with whom I regret probably getting off on the wrong foot).  Let’s just hope that we drink early enough that I can drive home safely!  In all honesty, far more unites rather than divides us as conservative Republicans so let us emphasize and build upon that common foundation.

Iron Mike & I may not have always agreed in the past but let us leave that past behind us as I do sincerely thank him for stepping up the plate and issuing the correction even though he still wholeheartedly supports Frank McNamara.

Yes, I have a horse in this race but good luck and God bless both gentlemen and their supporters.  No matter which gentleman wins may we emerge Wednesday night strengthened in unity, with a clarity of purpose and engaged in pursuit of common goals: advancing the conservative agenda by electing more Republicans from the grassroots on up!

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I still believe Maginn is a seriously flawed candidate – but I am pleased to issue this correction:


Hat tip:  Brock Corderio – Maginn owes you a drink!

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