Herman Cain’s troubles…..Who leaked the story?

I won’t call them sex scandals because he never had sex with anyone that was involved in this issue.  At least it has never been alleged!

There are two issues at hand.  First, what are the details of the event that occurred.  Second, who leaked the story?  I am only concerned for the sake of this post with the second part of this issue – who leaked the story?

There are two theories.  One theory – the Democrats, namely Barack Obama’s team, leaked the story.  Maybe they did not want to go head to head with Cain in the general election?  The idea of two black men running for the highest office in the land was too daunting to them.  It certainly would change the dynamics of the race unlike anything we have seen before.  

The second theory is the story was leaked by another Republican in the race.  If so, who?  Perhaps it was Mitt Romney, who suddenly finds himself in a dead heat for the Republican Party’s choice.  Or maybe it was Rick Perry, who was the presumed ‘anti-Romney’ candidate in the race until Herman Cain beagn making waves.  How about Rick Santorum, who was more than happy to throw dirty punches in the last debate against another candidate?  Maybe Michelle Bachmann did it?  

I would love to know, as the idea that a candidate would leak a personal blemish (if it is that) against another candidate says more about the ‘leaker’ than the victim.  It also contradicts Ronald Reagan’s advice about speaking no evil against another Republican.

What do you think?  Who leaked?  And if we find out it was a Republican would it change your thoughts about that Republican?  

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