Has Your Favorite Republican Politician Been “Mic Checked” Today?

(Newt Gingrich was mic checked tonight at Harvard – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

The tactic known as “mic checking” is the latest rage among segments of the Occupy Wall Street Movement. And I do mean RAGE. Congresswoman Michele Bachmann had to cut short her speech and be escorted out of the room of people who had come to listen to her once the rage-mongers kicked into their rehearsed call-and-response schtick. Governor Scott Walker‘s speech before another group of people wasn’t spared the co-ordinated interruption caused by another group of rage-mongers. And neither was the speech ultimately given by Representative Eric Cantor at Rice University – thanks, in part, to the school official in attendance who had to remind the rage-mongers before him that “free speech does not include the right to interfere with the expressions and ideas with which you disagree.” If one has to applaud some of the rage-mongers for anything, it would be for the choice of colors on their clothes. Black/brown shirts are the appropriate hue for the collective thuggery of a political mob.

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