Good morning Republicans.

(There will be press at the event tonight.  I truly hope that everyone, on both sides acts in a professional manner. – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

By the end of today, we will have a new Chair of our party.  Both candidates – Frank McNamara and Bob Maginn – are of good character and committed to doing the right thing.  I stand with Bob Maginn because of his commitment to building our party from the grassroots, and because he will provide the best chance to achieve that goal.    

By the end of this day, we should unify – we should join with whoever prevails to get done the work that cannot wait.  Our Commonwealth and our nation need us to act responsibly, decisively, and with common purpose.  The problems we face are far too substantial for us to waste time on pettiness.  Uniting behind the new Chair and working together to change our Commonwealth’s political culture and our nation’s direction is not simply advisable, it is our duty.

Towards the goal of unity, throughout today – and in future races for the Chair – perhaps we can learn from the imperfections evidenced earlier.  Those who suggest avoiding gratuitous personal attacks should not be subject to gratuitous personal attacks for having done so.  Calls for civility should never be met by incivility.

Calls for proceeding with dignity should never be controversial.  Let us reject the idea that we, as a party, may benefit by traveling anywhere but the high road during intraparty races.

Let us be a party of mutual respect – one that honors President Reagan’s Eleventh Commandment.

Let us begin today.

Very truly yours,

Jim McKenna

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