Good Morning Conservative Grassroots

Take a moment to watch this “Morning Joe” clip Dan Allie shared on FB:…

It’s almost like Presidential Candidate Buddy Roemer directs his criticism toward those in the shadows around the top tier of the MA GOP. Roemer raises striking parallels and similarities. Substitute his use of the terms “special interests”, “K Street”, “something sticks”, et al., with terms that define the top rung of our state Republican Party.

Remember, the election for our GOP chairman is tonight. Unfortunately, the process will likely lack transparency. Further, the usual suspects will try to stifle debate. We’ll be able to determine early in the program, how “Democratic” the voting process actually is.

From the liberal establishment and political elite, please note the “lies, and damned lies”, pushing their candidate on us – top down method once again – with future promises and misinformation.

Therefore, keep an eye on your “representative” Republican state committeemen and women. Oh, what will they do? Those of them who are overly ambitious will tend to do the wrong thing, and as a result, vote the wrong way.

Hold your state committee people accountable. And most importantly, please do NOT support them for higher office or with their initiatives, especially if they speak with forked tongue.

Are we having fun yet? I am. Hope to see you tonight in Newton!

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