Everyone is talking about Herman Cain…..And the press applauded him…

Just some quick observations.  Tonight at 5pm Herman Cain held a press conference to address the Sharon ‘buy-a-lick’ Bialek accusations of sexual harassment.  The establishment Republicans and progressive Democrats thought his 9-9-9 plan would suddenly turn into a 9-1-1 plan as they expected him to crumble.  He didn’t!

In fact, in the press conference he seemed confidant and determined to throw off these phony accusations.  He responded without any hesitation to all questions.  He threw everything right back in their face and added a ‘f*ck you‘ just to show them who is boss.  This guy is unflappable!!

This is where Herman Cain shows how he is different.  While very typically, all the rest of the GOP candidates are standing back in hopes of letting Herman Cain hang himself – Herman Cain cuts down the rope and slaps the MSM in the ass with it.  “THESE ACCUSATIONS ARE FALSE”.  “WHAT THEY ARE SAYING IS NOT TRUE”.  

I love it!  

What the establishment Republicans and Democrats don’t realize is that for almost two weeks now Herman Cain has been THE story in politics.  Not Mitt Romney, not Rick Perry, not Rick Santorum, not Ron ‘double Velcro EZ-Stepper’ Paul.  The media loves him and the general public will too once they see, as they did tonight, his determination to be President.  

The rest of the GOP pack is spending oodles of cash flying around the country and making stump speeches to every Tom, Dick and Harry that will listen.  And everything they did for the last two weeks will be forgotten because of the media storm surrounding Herman Cain.  Heck, Newt Gingrich could have run naked through the Occupy Wall Street camp with his hair on fire and nobody would have noticed!  Or cared!  That means wasted money and time for Romney, Santorum, Paul and gang.  

I believe it is quite possible that Herman Cain will pick up 5 percentage points in the polls over the next few days due his press conference tonight.  He showed that he can confront the liberal machine.  He showed that he won’t back down.  He showed that he can make the left crazy while building confidence in his leadership.  If you didn’t see his press conference then you missed a great moment in political history.  No teleprompters, no lawyers, no getting bullied by the socialist media – just good solid answers! This guy is the real deal…..

Oh yeah, and many in the press applauded him when he left.  When was the last time the press applauded for a Republican answering questions???

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