Endorsement of Bob Maginn.

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I stand with Bob Maginn in the race for the Republican Party Chair.  He is a man of integrity, intelligence, and experience, and has a plan that will move our party far forward.  Bob’s perspective, which includes understanding gained from having run statewide himself, his ability to put together the resources our party needs, and his impressive work-ethic, will prove invaluable as he works to rebuild our party.

In some respects, we cannot lose the race for Republican Party Chair.  Both candidates bring a different set of considerable strengths to the table.  I saw Frank McNamara’s good work earlier this year on behalf of Peter Durant – his sound judgment and insight, together with his experience, are, have been, and will continue to be tremendous assets to our party.

A theme to which Bob frequently returns concerns the need to strengthen our party at the grassroots level.  His wholehearted commitment in that regard drives his rebuilding plan, and will serve our party well.

The race to be our party’s Chair is one we must not lose.   Given the abilities of the candidates, it is a race that should not be possible to lose.  However, it may be possible for all of us to lose this race should it become negative.  Fairly or unfairly, it is possible to personally attack anyone running for office.  The value of negative campaigning may, generally, be overrated (the degree of success of each winner in the statewide elections last each was inversely proportional to the extent they introduced negativity into their race), and it has no place at all in the race for the Chair.  No one should expect to win a grenade fight.

It should go without saying that any attack upon a candidate’s spouse in this race is completely unacceptable.  The attack upon Bob’s wife is nothing less than dishonorable.  She is a hero of Tiananmen Square – where many literally stood for freedom against totalitarianism.  She, with Bob, runs an organization that works to keep infant girls from being murdered – working in foreign countries to insure that they are not killed because of their gender, by families that would have preferred a boy.  There currently are now more than 500 girls alive – who otherwise would have been murdered – because of her work.

Most basically, she is not running for anything, but rather is a candidate’s spouse.  No good is served by attacking her.

There is much to be done, and the time is later than it seems.  There remains no time to waste – we must act now to preserve the legislative gains we made last year and help further restore our Commonwealth’s two-party system.  Let us unite, work together, and stay on the high road.

Very truly yours,

Jim McKenna

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