Do Any RMGers Care That Bob Maginn Violated Campaign Finance Law?

Watching the Bob Maginn vs. Frank McNamara race for MassGOP Chair has been interesting.  What’s been more interesting has been watching RMGers response to Maginn’s violations of Republican orthodoxy.  Maginn maxed out to Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer?  No big deal.  Maginn’s wife is sympathetic to the Occupy movement (the same movement that the MassGOP is currently attacking Elizabeth Warren for being sympathetic to – hypocrisy much?)?  That’s not relevant!  Word is that, while McNamara will actually work to build up the GOP in the state legislature, Maginn is only concerned about his buddies Scott Brown and Mitt Romney and that’s it.  Who cares?!

So, if those three strikes against Maginn aren’t big deals for a MassGOP Chair, how about that his record includes violating campaign finance law?

Four years later, when O’Brien ran against Romney for governor, Maginn made news by flagrantly violating state election law.

In the final days of that 2002 race, Maginn, along with deep-pocketed GOP donor John Childs, secretly funded a radio ad urging supporters of Green Party candidate Jill Stein to vote for Romney. Maginn and Childs each funneled $25,000 through an attorney to a Washington front group, avoiding disclosure requirements for ads in the final week of an election.

Maginn and Childs fessed up to the dirty trick after the election, when the state Office of Campaign and Political Finance (OCPF) traced the money to them. They were penalized with a laughable $500 fine.

I’m guessing that Maginn’s RMG apologists will disregard this entirely or, in yet another fit of impressive maturity, post a troll graphic dismissively rather than address the issue directly.

That said, the bottom line is that if the MassGOP makes Maginn Chair, not only does it undermine every Occupy-focused criticism of Elizabeth Warren, since Maginn’s own wife is sympathetic to the movement, but it also undermines any criticism any Republican in Massachusetts has of Democrats like Sal DiMasi.  DiMasi broke the law?  Dianne Wilkerson broke the law?  Well, Bob Maginn broke the law, too.  It’s mutually exclusive to support Bob Maginn for MassGOP Chair and to believe that politicians should be held to a higher standard – since Maginn very demonstrably does not live up to that standard.

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