Commonwealth Magazine covers the silent crisis

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The “Crisis” is the near-extinction of full time reporters at the State House.  This matters.  Remember, that both the State Senate and the State House of representitives voted to exclude themselves from all “open meeting” laws and information law requests, and most “fair procurement” restrictions.

Back in 2003 the Press Room was bustling – phones ringing all the time, every desk full and fought over.  I remember those days; that was back during the first indigent defense crisis and I was there a lot cadging information and pitching stories.  Now there is one person in that room that used to be stuffed to the gills with what seemed to be two dozen or more.  Cob webs.  Dust bunnies – and no one to see or hear most of what goes on other than paid lobbyists – mercenaries of different causes, paid to seek set results with as little public attention as possible, most of them.

I happen to agree with Commonwealth Magazine that the loss of the 5th estate IS a crisis – and not one where blogs, and citizen journalism can substitute for a full time, knowledgeable, attentive presence.

There is not, after all, a RedMassGroup or BlueMassGroup desk in the Press Room on the 4th floor of the State House.  Maybe there should be.

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