Bob Maginn’s Republican Legislative Funding Vault Initiative

The following email was sent today to all MassGOP State Committee members by Bob Maginn, candidate for MassGOP Chairman.

Dear State Committee Members,

Following up on my email to you regarding the proposal that Sen. Bruce Tarr, Rep. Brad Jones and I have developed to create a “Funding Vault” for our Legislative candidates and that we announced yesterday at my reception with U.S. Senator Scott Brown, here is a link to a video of Rep. Brad Jones and I discussing the “Funding Vault” and how we plan to help protect incumbent legislators and grow both our House and Senate GOP caucuses:…

I welcome any feedback you may have!



The above was a follow up to an email sent yesterday by Bob Maginn, which is as follows:

Dear State Committee Members,

As the only Candidate for Chair with a detailed and updated website for the past month ( and a 10 Point Plan of what I would do as Chair, I have emphasized my connection to the grassroots. Among the last 4 State Party Chairs and among the current Candidates for Chair, I am the only one to run statewide taking off one year to work the grassroots, travel all over the Commonwealth and build a local focused team. My race for State Treasurer taught me what it is like to run down ballot. I know how the focus of the Party and media went to the top of the ticket. I am going to be a different kind of Chair, I am going to be the Grassroots Chair! We will focus on defending every State Representative and State Senator and building to a veto proof position and then majority status in the State House and State Senate.  

I have worked closely with both GOP Caucus Leaders Senator Bruce Tarr and Representative Brad Jones to start on a plan to win big in November 2012. As a CEO of a Software technology company, I know that to accomplish goals we need the right organizational structure, the right people and money resources and the right discipline and accountability. So as Chair I will implement an organizational structure with two additional divisions: one focused on the State Representative races and one focused on the State Senate races that will meet with House and Senate leadership on a regular basis. While we as a Party are required to spend our state funds in Massachusetts, I will also utilize a specifically designated MA GOP account to support these races for the Massachusetts General Court. Just like a lock box in business, these funds will be segregated and used to support State Senate and State Representative candidates and for local purposes.

Here is how I propose we accomplish this goal: this evening at my event with U.S. Senator Scott Brown, I’ll be announcing the creation of a Republican Legislative Funding Vault. Just like we now have Voter Vault, I will be establishing the Funding Vault to focus solely on these Massachusetts General Court races.

This is the best way to ensure that other important priorities do not take away these priorities. And with powerful State Senate and State House PACs we can continue to grow our ranks in both the House and the Senate in 2012!  This is the best year to make a transition to this grassroots approach. I have validated this approach with State Party Legal Counsel and SC members who are involved in the budget and financials. We can do this and we must do this to guarantee that our focus on the grassroots will be accomplished in 2012!  

Thank you for your support and please come to vote on November 30, 2011.


Bob Maginn

Emphasis in the original.

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