Bob Maginn’s 10 Point Plan for the MassGOP

As posted on Bob Maginn’s official website, here is his 10 Point Plan as taken from…

1) Principles: I’m a Republican because I am a conservative – I’m not a conservative because I’m a Republican.  My beliefs represent a healthy balance of what our Grand Old Party is comprised of: reduce the scope of government regulations, grow our economy, reduce our indebtedness especially our debt to China and lower our taxes while preserving the family, the fundamental unit of our culture.  I’m both a fiscal and social conservative and a Reagan Republican in his steadfast support of all Republican candidates saying our candidate is an 80% friend not a 20%


2) Grassroots: Track Record, Workshops and Online Leadership- To just talk about Grassroots is not enough. I have a long track record of doing grassroots and supporting our local candidates. I left my job for one year to build a Statewide grassroots team and campaigned across the Commonwealth for State Treasurer. No recent State Party Chair (last four or more) has ever been the GOP Nominee Statewide grassroots campaigner.  I am the only candidate for Chair who came out  last election cycle to support our State Representative Candidates in their Grassroots GOTV (get out the vote) efforts by making the maximum contribution to their joint effort. Grassroots is now online too and as the only Technology entrepreneur and business executive running for Chair I will bring our online Grassroots into the 21st century.  Continuous education is vital to our success. Campaigns need to have the discernment to differentiate between the very important, moderately important, and unimportant campaign activities.  With limited time and resources, we must equip our volunteers & future staff with the knowledge of how to wage a effective modern grassroots campaign to achieve victory on Election Day. We may not always be able to compete volunteer for volunteer, but we can make sure we have a smarter and more efficient operation. In addition to grassroots workshops, we will have specialized workshops for:

  Data Management

  Digital Media

  Voter Contact/Voter ID, Volunteer Recruitment, & GOTV


3) Recruitment: We need to recruit the best and brightest candidates for all elected offices. Just like a good ball club, we need to build a farm team that can rise and win! Everything from town -selectman to State Representative and right up to Federal offices. As a business entrepreneur and technology company with 300 employees hiring all the time, I know how to recruit top talent. I know how to expand the picture and give them the vision of what is possible.  This is my unique and proven track record.  Candidate recruitment is no easy task but a critical one if we are serious about Growing Our Party.  Our Field Representatives will be constantly recruiting candidates and presenting them powerpoint presentations on what to expect as a new candidate along with a Candidate Handbook that we will develop to clearly outline the tasks and responsibilities of being a candidate and waging an effective campaign. I will encourage competition where no incumbent is in office because competition is good and brings out the best in each of us as we learn what it takes to win!

4) Strong Coordinated Victory Effort:  I will play an integral role in making sure that all of our Republican campaigns are working together on Voter ID and GOTV operations as a cohesive unit. We need to compile all our resources and work together as a team. This is no small task and will require trust and cooperation from all our campaigns. I have secured a URL to serve as this portal to ensure all campaigns (local to federal) collaborate and are working in unison to provide victory in 2012. It is my nature to unite people as those who know me well have seen me do in the political arena, business and charitable causes. My values, my work and my vision will appeal across the Party, to the majority category of unenrolled independent voters and even to half of the Democrats who are tired of a one Party monopoly lurching to the left.

5) Media and Message: As the State Party Chair Candidate with by far the most media experience, I will build a team of people from all sectors and from State Committee Members who can go on  Radio and TV, in the Newspapers and print publications, on the web, and in every venue and medium where we can reach the voters to deliver our message. While not a subscriber to the Boston Globe, I am the only State Party Chair to appear in a Front page story and a magazine story over the last few months on the charitable work I am doing with my wife. I am the only State Chair Candidate to employ a Public Relations firm and to have generated over 10 million impressions in just the last month of October alone in all forms of Media. My goal is not to personally hog the spotlight, we need Women and Men who represent a cross section of the Commonwealth in the Spot light too! I know how to get them there because I have a track record of doing it. Republican Congressional Candidate Jon Golnik who has a radio program and Peter Blute who has a long radio presence have both agreed to work hard on our Media and Message. I know each Message is local and will not try to dictate to local candidates what their message should be but will bring them the tools, surveys, expertise and experience necessary to get the message right.  I have already begun the conversation with successful Republican candidates that will help the MassGOP be a better watch dog on the one-party rule on Beacon Hill.  As Party Chair, I will have a communications team that will be on offense shining light on the backroom deals and liberal policies being advanced by the Democrats while showing values we share with the vast majority of the voters.

6) Fundraising: We need to expand our fundraising operation both with low-dollar donors and with large supporters.  I will reach out to my current personal network to raise immediate funds, hire a full time Finance Director to help us expand our direct mail program and grow our internet fundraising.   Online donations prove to be the most cost-effective form of raising money and I want to expand the “Ask” by empowering  many GOP activists and State Committee members to have their own unique Fundraising donation page to help the MassGOP raise money.  Each State Committee member can have a video of them on their own unique web page with an encouraging message about the important issues we are working on, a place to share information on events and grassroots activities and a contribution link to the MassGOP. Your personal State Committee Person Website page can follow the same format and template you see here for my Chair race website.  I also want to institute an online store where we can raise money by selling high-quality, well designed products.  Finally, I believe we must think more creatively about our online fundraising by allowing donors to “buy” the radio/web ads that they want to see us run by donating to the particular ad that they like the most.  The radio/web ad that receives the most votes (donations) will be one of the ads that the MassGOP will run.  I also believe the local ward, town, city committees need help with fundraising and I want to bring a sophisticated digital fundraising platform to these local ward, town, city committees so that they too can begin raising money online.

7) Staff: With the 2012 election cycle fast approaching it is important that we ramp up our staff in order to maintain and expand upon our gains made in the 2010 election cycle. I am committed to building a responsive and well trained team to the MassGOP.  For the 2012 cycle, it’s imperative that we have Regional Field Directors working locally within their districts with you, the State Committee members, and with local GOP committees on the various functions of:

  Candidate Recruitment


  Voter ID



8) Access: State committee members will always have my ear and I need to hear from you to know how better we as a party can grow. I believe that you are my eyes and ears on the within your districts and I want to work closely with you on expanding our party and winning elections at all levels of government.

9) Technology: The New Grassroots and New Social Media-  Technology and the Internet has changed many of the functions of campaign and party building tactics. We need to review our existing operation and institute an aggressive digital operation to get our message heard and to acquire data that will help us expand our local GOP committees, volunteer, and donor base.  While Twitter, Facebook, Google and YouTube are the obvious channels, we will also explore the use of popular sites like Drudge and mobile and other networks to ensure our Republican Party is utilizing all resources and services that we have access to.  The MassGOP needs to think more creatively about all aspects of the operation – I want to run Google Keyword and Facebook Ads in areas where we have no GOP presence to help us start ward, town, and city committees.  I also want to explore the idea of running these Google Keyword and Facebook Ads in areas where we do have existing committees to help them expand their ranks.

While Voter Vault is a great free service that we can provide to GOP committees and campaigns, I want to be sure that we are consistently expanding access to enable people to use it.  The more use Voter Vault has the more valuable it will become as it will accrue more data.  I will also be a strong voice within our national Republican Party to update and modernize Voter Vault. I run a technology software and internet company that makes it easy for people to use our software and web services.  Voter Vault was very valuable in 2004 when it was first released but we need major functionality updates and I will advocate for this while bringing additional technology to bear on our grassroots and new media efforts.

10) Goal Focused – Results Driven Town Committees: I cannot do this alone. I’m going to need strong town committees to help us achieve our goals. I will provide a clear direction on goals that town committees need to focus on and results will be rewarded.

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