Bob Maginn for MassGOP Chairman – My Thoughts

Some here on RMG have asked me, or at least in general, about more information about Bob Maginn.  Well, I first heard of Bob Maginn thanks to a flyer put together by some great Bristol County activists that was given limited distribution at the birthday party for now former MassGOP Chairman Jennifer Nassour.  The flyer had brief biographies and photos of each rumored candidate to date.  Around the same time I received the letter that he mailed to every State Committee member.  A few days later I discovered a voicemail on my home number from Bob asking me to give him a call.  About three days later, I finally got around to returning that call.  Bob and I spoke about an hour, about a wide variety of Republican political topics.

Bob holds a Master of Business Administration from the Harvard Business School, a Masters of Liberal Arts in Government from Harvard University, and a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from the University of Dayton.  As you all may have read previously, Bob is the Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer of Jenzabar.  At Jenzabar he transformed the company from a dotcom start-up to what has been called an industry-leading enterprise solution provider.

Furthermore, Bob runs the Jenzabar Foundation, the goal of which is to recognize and support humanitarian efforts and good works of student leaders and others serving the local and global community.  The Foundation tries to educate and inspire future generations to create a better word through the fostering of a culture of service.  The Jenzabar Foundation issues grants to institutions of higher education and other non-profit organizations with similarly aligned goals in order to accomplish its mission.  

Let’s quash any rumors to rest right now.  Bob is a devout Evangelical Christian who is extremely active in both his church and the community.  He is both a fiscal and social conservative.  Bob Maginn seeks to unite the Massachusetts Republican party around our core principles and issues that voters care about deeply such as job creation, fiscal discipline, Beacon Hill transparency, and conservative values.  Bob will seek to unite, not divide, us and our Party around ideological differences.

Bob WILL NOT accept a salary as Chairman.  This will save tens of thousands of dollars and allow crucial staff members, such as an Executive Director, to remain.  Bob Maginn is going to put money into the MassGOP; he will not take it out.  Bob Maginn is the only candidate that I know of who will Not take a salary.

A major concern for the MassGOP is quite frankly, fundraising.  I don’t want to paint too dire a picture but let’s face it.  The State Party – and most especially our candidates – needs money!  Yes, we have Senator Brown to worry about but we also, just as importantly – if not more so – we have legislative incumbents & challengers come 2012.  We have a grassroots farm team to cultivate!  Bob Maginn will be an excellent fundraiser for our Party.  Bob already served as a MassGOP Finance Chairman and as Finance Co-Chairman for both Mitt Romney and Scott Brown.  Bob has been a maximum contributor to the State House PAC, helping to elect the doubling of our House caucus.  

Bob Maginn will NOT merely be a top-down Chairman.  Bob knows, from his own firsthand experience, what it was like to run down-ticket when he did so for State Treasurer in 1998.  Bob gained the second most votes of any Republican on the ballot that year – excepting the Governor.  Bob refuses to allow to-ballot races to burn up all the oxygen from our legislative candidates!

Bob Maginn has already built a broad base of support that includes United States Senator Scott Brown, Senate Minority Leader Bruce Tarr, House Minority Leader Brad Jones, former Congressman & former MassGOP Chairman Peter Torkildsen, former Congressman Peter Blute, former Governor Mitt Rommey, former Governor Bill Weld, and former Governor Paul Cellucci.  Recent state-wide candidates Karyn Polito and Mary Z. Connaughton have also endorsed Bob.  

Bob’s goals as our next MassGOP Chairman include protecting and increasing our legislative gains.  Re-electing Scott Brown to the U.S. Senate, create a candidate farm team by investing in the grassroots and allocating resources to winning municipal elections.

For all of these aforementioned reasons I, the State Committeeman of the Second Bristol and Plymouth district and Region 5 Chairman, support, endorse, and will cast my vote to elect Bob Maginn to be our next Massachusetts Republican Party Chairman on the evening of Wednesday, November 30, 2011.

— Brock N. Cordeiro  

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  •    With all respect due Brock Cordeiro: Who has he supported and/or campaigned for THIS century?

      I know that state committee members and elected Republicans support him. But why? Is he a member of the “good old boy” network?

      I’m beginning to smell an inside job. And the aroma isn’t exactly sweet.  

  • I ran across this old voters guide on the web from 1998:


    Robert Maginn (R)  vs.  Shannon O’Brien (D)


    Reducing State Income Taxes: Maginn – SUPPORTS;  O’Brien – NO RESPONSE

    Abortion on Demand: Maginn – OPPOSES;  O’Brien  – SUPPORTS

    Banning Partial Birth Abortion: Maginn – SUPPORTS;  O’Brien – NO RESPONSE

    Special Rights for Homosexuals: Maginn – OPPOSES;  O’Brien – SUPPORTS

    No Strings School Vouchers: Maginn  – SUPPORTS;  O’Brien  – NO RESPONSE

    I would definitely be happy with him as chair (though I have no vote in the matter).  


  • Brock, you may have left out an important aspect of his life–his wife’s incredible life story:

    Chai Ling, then a 23-year-old top-ranking national honors student at “Bei Shi Da” Beijing Normal University, became a galvanizing force in the Tiananmen Square Student Movement, rallying thousands of hopeful students, and later becoming the top leader of the protest movement. Following the bloody Tiananmen Square Massacre on June 4, 1989, Chai Ling skyrocketed to a place on the “21 most-wanted” students list in China for organizing the demonstration. With the help of Chinese Buddhists and Hong-Kong organizations, she escaped from China in 1990, eventually arriving in the United States.

    Following her immigration to the U.S., Chai Ling settled in Boston, MA, where she met and married her husband Robert Maginn, Jr. Together, they built the software company Jenzabar, which now employs more than 280 employees. Chai Ling earned her MBA from Harvard Business School in 1998, and has been nominated twice for the Nobel Peace Prize. She has used her success to give back to the marginalized in China, helping fund orphanages and humanitarian efforts in-country. Last year, she pledged to give millions to fund organizations supporting human rights in China.

    Let me just say wow!

  • edfactor

    Brock –

    Thanks for your thoughts. I value your opinion, even though this came off as a bit of a press release – probably because you wanted to convey a lot of information.

    I would be curious to know what kind of Republican he is.

    What does he believe about the role of government? What should our core principles be? How does he talk about politics? Does he have friends of different political persuasions? Has he been active at all outside of giving money? (writing, speaking, lobbying, etc.) Is he a good speaker?

    You had said he was an evangelical. But what does that mean for his political views? So I am a devout Catholic, but I am not a Republican to advance pro-life agenda, even though I am definitely pro-life. The political involvement of evangelicals often embarrasses me. However, some evangelicals do amazing work to help the poor around the world that is truly wonderful. This is why I am curious about how his religious beliefs inform his political identity.

    You probably don’t know these things, so don’t feel any pressure to answer. But I hope we can find out more about him, since he seems to be frontrunner at this time.

  • Or better yet, will Bob be a one year and done Chair or will he seek re-election after the Presidential?

    I realize he is a big fan of Mitt and has worked hard to help him in many races.  His support of Karyn and Mary is also a strong point in his favor.

    However, I would be looking for a strong chair not only for 2012, but for the years after that. Consistency at the top of MAGOP will help to maintain a good sense of direction and be good for the party.

    So will Bob commit to running for re-election if elected?  Same question holds for the other candidates?

  • MerrimackMan

    That he knows how to win elections? In 1998, he got ABSOLUTELY pummeled by the very flawed, Shannon O’Brien 62-35%.

    Why is it that the loser candidates always end up coming back to lead the party? There are never any successful, former somethings that are in the mix. At least Peter Torkildsen had been a State Rep and won his seat to Congress twice before he lost. This Maginn guy may have some $$$, and some $$$ connections and that will help, but it sure didn’t help when he was running a campaign before.  

  • What are his plans to unite the Republicans of this state?  Not just the Boston ones, how about the Lowell, Worcester and Springfield ones.  

    I want to know what his 100 day plan is?  What will he do differently to bring in money?  

    The summer cook outs while fund do not seem to be a big money winner?

    And no I’m not selling Entertainment books for MAGOP.  

    It would be nice if the little people knew what we are getting into.