Beating Children and Republican Family Values

Here’s a question: What if Deval Patrick was caught on video beating his daughter mercilessly over and over again, and he said it was just him disciplining her as a parent?  How would you react, sincerely?  Would you leave it alone as a family matter or would you point to it as the sign of a pretty disturbed, angry, and violent individual?

I ask because a Judge in Texas, a family court judge who also happens to be a Republican, was caught beating his (apparently disabled) daughter.  The video is pretty graphic.  What might be most shocking is the footage of the news interviewing him at the end, during which he confirms it’s him and that it’s no big deal:

For political purposes, it’s worth noting that the “liberal media” CNN story I linked to doesn’t even identify him as a Republican.  I just see it as salient since I hear so much about family values from Republicans.

It kind of reminds me of the recent Republican Presidential debates, at which attendees cheered the hypothetical death of an uninsured person, cheered Rick Perry’s death penalty statistics in Texas, and booed a U.S. servicemember simply for being gay.

What do you think, having seen the video?  Is this just a father disciplining his daughter, and it’s no big deal?  Or should this person be removed from office and sent into psychological counseling?  And, quite seriously, what if it was footage of Deval Patrick or some Democratic state legislator doing the same thing to his daughter – how would you react then?

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