Another Scott Brown Poll

(This may also be Scott polling to see how the ads are working against him, and how to counter them.  Just saying.

– promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno

This is the second anti-Scott special interest group poll I have received.  The short story is that the League of Conservation Voters commissioned a poll to determine how effective their ad campaign had been.  The longer story is:

They asked the generics and statistical questions.

They tested the following names:

Obama, Brown, Kerry, Patrick and League of Conservation Voters

Asked likelihood to vote in 2012.  Who I would vote for today: Scott Brown or Democratic candidate. (never mentioned Warren).

Asked if Scott was concerned about people of Mass?  Creating jobs? Environmental protection?

Asked how much tv I watch.  Asked impression of Scott and how issues in the past few weeks had impacted it, up or down.

Asked me to state things I had heard, which had impacted my opinion. (open response)

Asked if Scott:

Is too much of a politician who says one thing and does another?

Sides too much with polluters?

Voted to continue taxpayer subsidies for big oil?

Asked if I supported having the EPA set stricter standards for toxic coal waste?

If i support tighter emissions on pollutants that cause cancer?

If I support ending taxpayer subsidies for big oil?

Then they got to the final point:  Did I see the ads?  Did it make me thin differently about Scott?  Why or why not (open response).

So, they wanted to know if their ads worked and made me think Scott is a big oil money taking scumbag who ignores the people of Massachusetts and lines his pockets while babies inhale gaseous death.

So while they will likely share these results with Elizabeth Warren, I am sure they are able to use certain restricted funds to pay for this since they never mention her name.

I will continue to post these in the future.

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