53 second silence excites MSM

This morning NBC news Anchor Ann Curry asked Texas Governor Rick Perry if he would withdraw from the Republican race for the presidency due to his 53 second silence in answering a question.

When Ms. Curry asked whether Mr. Perry would now get out of the race, Mr. Perry invoked the birthday of the United States Marine Corps.

I find it hard to believe that such an ignorant person would ask such a thing.  A man has a moment where he forgets a rehearsed line and the liberals make it out to be a major personality and competence flaw.  One, that presumably, they think should disqualify him from holding the Commander-In-Chief’s job.  

I wonder if they thought that Barack Obama should resign after he had some moments that proved awkward.  For instance, did they ask Barry Obama if he would resign after he insulted the Queen of England for talking over the national anthem while giving a toast to her?

Or did they ask him to resign after he mistakenly suggested that he had been to 57 states during his 2008 run for the presidency?

Or did they ask him to resign after he mispronounced Massachusetts as ‘Massatoosits’.  

Or how about ‘Corpsemen’?  

Or how about calling Comiskey Park in Chicago “Cominsky Field’?  The dumbass is from Chicago!!!!!  How did he not know the name of the field?  

Or how about Obama claiming his uncle liberated Auschwitz?  

Or how about Obama claiming his parents met and got together because of a civil rights march in Selma Alabama, which happened 4 years AFTER he was born.

Or how about when he stated accidentally his ‘Muslim Faith’ or how his Obamacare would add ‘In-efficiencies’ to the system?  

The list goes on and on and on.  I literally could do this all day long.  Then I could start in on Joe Biden and his verbal flubs.  But the MSM will never ask or even mention those stupid things our President has said.  But the simple act of forgetting a line is somehow a reason for a Republican to withdraw from the race for the White House.

Maybe Ann Curry should be focused on why NBC ratings are down 7% in the latest ratings.  Maybe it’s time for Ann Curry to withdraw?

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