4th District GOP Happenings

Here is what I’m hearing on the 4th District now that Barney Frank is leaving.

Elizabeth Childs is still running.  She is a former Romney administration official and a current Brookline School Committee Member.

Tom Wesley, who lives in Hopedale, has been redistricted into the 4th.  He has released the following statement.

Supporters and former MassGOP operatives have called me today about this race, like every major decision I make, I decide with the support of my family.  I will be talking with my wife and kids about running for Congress as our district and country desperately need a pro-jobs, pro-growth voice in Washington.

Dan Winslow has said he is not running.  

In addition there are 6 other GOP reps that have districts which overlap the 4th, and one Senator.

Richard Ross, if he’s looking to continue to move up would be a formidable candidate.  

There are three other freshmen besides Winslow in the district, Keiko Orrall, Steven Howitt, Shaunna O’Connell, and George Ross.  Of that group Shaunna is probably going for the toughest district, but I don’t know if she’d want to make a move at this time.

There are two longtime representatives, Jay Barrows and Betty Poirier.  Either one of those may be ready for a move, and it will be interesting to see if one of them decides to make it.  

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