Why men dislike Elizabeth Warren – w/ poll question.

Have you ever noticed that there are women that just turn men off?  I suppose there are men that do the same for women, but they generally don’t run for office.  Well, Elizabeth Warren is one of those women.

I am not the first to ask the question.  Martin Peretz raised the question when writing for the New Republic.

Margaret Carlson, a very smart and funny journalist who was at Time and then managing editor of The New Republic, now writes a column for Bloomberg News and the Los Angeles Times. She’s also on TV a lot. For Bloomberg on October 11, she answered the query: “Do Men Have a Problem With Elizabeth Warren?” She wrote: “Some women just bug men. Hillary Clinton did (and still does.) Nancy Pelosi, who has replaced Clinton as the Scary Democratic Woman in Republican fundraising appeals, surely does. And now Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren has joined the club.”

Margaret Carlson is further quoted in the Peretz article:

Warren’s Republican detractors were not alone. Powerful Democrats, including Senator Chris Dodd, the Connecticut liberal who retired after affixing his name to the Dodd-Frank financial reform legislation, didn’t lift a finger on the grounds that everyone knew that she would never be confirmed. … Obama could have made a recess appointment but didn’t. The big boys in Washington, including some in the White House … just didn’t like Warren playing in their sandbox.

And this from The Daily Beast:

Elizabeth Warren has joined the ranks of rising women who have been snubbed by powerful men in politics, including President Obama. Though the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was her idea, she wasn’t picked to run it. Republicans called her a liar at congressional hearings last spring.

Of course the left will argue that men are threatened by her, or that maybe she is just too good.  Not the case!  Men recognize her strong voice and powerful opinions and she has been handsomely rewarded for them.  Her salary at Harvard is substantial and she has made enough money to live in a multimillion dollar home.  She has done well for herself, but that doesn’t make her liked.

I think I know what it is that makes Elizabeth Warren disliked by men – it’s her attitude.  Lizzy Warren just seems to grate on men.  It’s her voice, her nagging rants, her posture and antagonizing arm waving.  It’s her overall attitude.   For most men she is a nonstarter.

All men have known someone like Lizzy Warren.  Long ago, I once had a woman boss that declared ‘Men are scum, they love you and leave you!’ after sharing with her my then recent wedding news.  Another woman coworker once screeched at me in front of a crowded office to call her “Susan, not Sue!”  My God, how could I have erred so thoroughly as to have called her ‘Sue’?  My list goes on…

My point is obviously not to ‘defamate’ women, but rather to highlight a substantial problem for Lizzy Warren in the upcoming race.  I think she has a ‘men’ problem.  The more men see of her the less they like her.  

Men aren’t turned off by powerful women.  In fact I could name a hundred women that are millionaires, leaders in industry or full of powerful opinions that turn men on.  Men are also attracted to educated women.  Elizabeth Warren is educated, powerful and even rather pleasant looking for a 62 year old – but she turns me off.  It is all about her attitude.

Have you ever heard the story (true or not I will never know) about the Craigslist advertisement that read something like this: “Selling Encyclopedia set – $50.  Paid $1,000.  No longer need it because I just got married, and the wife knows everything!”.  Elizabeth Warren is that ‘knows everything’ wife!

The problem is that she can’t tone it down for this campaign.  If her handlers said to her “Hey Liz, speak more softly, breath more lightly, settle down your tone a bit” it would kill who she is.  Liberal women like her because she wants to throw rocks and get in fights and kick dust around.  And that attitude will kill her with the men voters.  Elizabeth Warren will never win without getting a substantial number of votes from men – and right now they hate her!

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