There Goes Scott Brown’s Last Fig Leaf: Voters Don’t Hate Smart People

It seems that, for a long time now, the Republican Party has worked to vilify intelligence.  From the Republican War on Science to mocking anything associated with an Ivy League school, today’s Republican Party seems to hate smart people and really, really, really wants voters to hate smart people, too.

Like a dim-witted moth to a flame, Scott Brown has taken this approach with Elizabeth Warren, differentiating his honorable “school of hard knocks” upbringing with her nefarious association with a highly-regarded institution of higher learning.  In fact, it seems to be one of his central arguments for his candidacy.

Too bad for Scott Brown, the voters don’t share his dislike for smart people:

Poll Suggests Harvard Jabs Not Effective

Even though Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA) regularly tweaks rival Elizabeth Warren (D) for being a Harvard professor, a new Western New England University poll finds most voters aren’t troubled by her affiliation.

Just 13% of registered voters said they were “less likely” to vote for Warren because she works at Harvard, while 21% said it made them “more likely” to back her and 63% said it “makes no difference” in how they would vote.

A trial heat shows Brown leading Warren, 47% to 42%.

Not surprisingly, if you check the crosstabs, of the 13% of registered voters who said they were less likely to vote for Warren because of her Harvard affiliation, the overwhelming majority of them were already “Brown supporters or leaners” as opposed to “Warren supporters or leaners” or “undecided” voters.

In other words, only a tiny minority of voters thinks that Harvard is as evil as Scott Brown wants you to think it is, and they’re already Scott Brown voters.  Undecided voters aren’t turned off by “Harvard” or, by extension, “smart people.”

Tough break, Scotto.  You can’t “dumb” your way to winning.

(It’s also yet another poll that shows Elizabeth Warren within single digits of Scott Brown already, despite only having been a candidate for a few weeks.  Team Brown can’t be too thrilled about that.)

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