The left wants to venerate veteran injured at Occupy Oakland, but should they?

The anarchists, communists, nazis, hippies, socialists, Nation of Islam and yes, those “occupying” for valid complaints against Wall Street, are wrapping themselves in the American flag (recently maligned and defiled with graffiti by these same people) to protest the severe injury sustained by Scott Olsen. Olsen is an Iraq war veteran who was apparently struck in the head by a tear gas canister fired by police toward the defiant Occupy Oakland protesters being dispersed from a park after it was closed to the public.

Video footage, photos and witness testimony propelled this incident  to an Occupier’s rallying cry.

Don’t get me wrong, I do hope he fully recovers and lives a long life…away from the political scene. After a longer look at Olsen’s  post-service to his country, it appears his record is not as mainstream and honorable as the left is portraying.

Olsen is a venomous anti-semite or at least purports to be. He acknowledges that he was sent away from the USMC with a dishonorable discharge having cocaine in his system and is the founder of

Are we not supposed to condemn the words or actions of someone who once wore the uniform? Does Oliver North know about this? Condemning Nidal Hasan is off limits?

Again, sorry the young man is injured but it is not off limits to unveil just who he is.

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