Secretary Bigby Finally Gives Jim Lyons Answers, 55,000 Illegal Immigrants receive $93M in Freebies

After close to 6 months Representative Jim Lyons (R-Andover) has finally received the information he has been doggedly pursuing from the Department of Public Health.  The number is staggering.  We are paying for free health care for 55,000 illegal immigrants at the cost of $93M.  That’s approximately $1,690 per beneficiary.  The Boston Herald has the story.

A dogged freshman lawmaker who refused to budge from the House chambers earlier this month until the Patrick administration came clean on how much taxpayers coughed up last year for free health care to illegal aliens finally got his answer yesterday: a whopping $93 million.

“I didn’t think it would take as much work as it did to answer such a simple question about how our tax dollars are spent,” state Rep. James J. Lyons Jr. told the Herald yesterday.

“My whole goal was to get the information and open the process up. (MassHealth spending) is a third of the state budget. That was what we highlighted to (Health and Human Services) Secretary (JudyAnn) Bigby.”

Jim Lyons is showing that by standing up to the Democrats we can get things done.  He is at the vanguard of a new generation of legislators that are getting results.  The Massachusetts Republican Party highlighted the hollowness of the rhetoric coming from the Democrats on the topic of Lyons “holding up critical funding”, as the Governor only signed this supplemental budget on Thursday.  After the jump, is a release from the MassGOP on Wednesday.

Spending Bill Called ‘Desperately Needed’ by MA Dems,  Stalled by Governor Patrick

Boston-  The supplemental spending bill that Massachusetts Democratic Party leaders said was ‘desperately needed’ for tornado victims remains stuck on Governor Patrick’s desk awaiting his signature. When Representative Jim Lyons tried to secure added protections for taxpayers last week, the Democratic Party unleashed a stinging criticism, claiming Lyons was holding up so called essential funding for tornado victims, schools and job programs. Unfortunately, The bill remains unsigned by Patrick for nearly two weeks now according to State House News.

“The Democratic Party goes to great lengths to criticize Republicans when we stand up for transparency and try to protect taxpayers,” said MassGOP Chairman Jennifer Nassour.  “Apparently the legislation is only important to the Democratic Party when they can score political points with it.”        

Representative Jim Lyons added: “Last week the administration acted as if we were holding up the final completion of the Sistine chapel. Now that they are holding things up, the pressure is off.”

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