Scott’s Really Big Blunder

I am, as many of you know a big Scott Brown supporter. I was appalled by his behavior on a radio show this morning making fun of how a middle aged woman looks. My heavens' he's married to one isn't he? Doesn't he know who does the hard work out in the Republican field for him? Quoting in part from a “conservative” Globe Blogger. Here is the link to Garrett Quinn's Blog, for some reason I was unable to link to it in the text.

Scott Brown's reelection campaign isn't exactly starting out well. First his main strategist creates a fake Twitter account and gets caught red handed. Now, he makes fun of how his leading potential opponent looks.

The CrazyKhazei incident was bad but it was mostly inside baseball nonsense that nobody outside of political junkies and media really cared about. In 2012 it will be long forgotten.

Making comments about the physical appearance of your leading potential opponent? Well, that's just stupid. Really, really stupid. Like, not shaking hands in the cold outside Fenway Park stupid. Brown should know that he isn't just some nobody state senator anymore. He's a statewide figure and a minor player on the national stage. People listen and read everything he says. Making fun of the looks of a female opponent on a relatively popular morning drive show is going to be noticed.

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