Scott Brown Caught Plagiarizing Elizabeth Dole – UPDATE: Scott Brown BLAMES THE INTERN!

What’s the word when one person copies another person’s words without attribution?  Oh, right: plagiarism:

In a message to students, the Massachusetts senator uses the exact words as remarks delivered by the former North Carolina senator at her campaign kickoff in 2002.

Brown’s staff acknowledged yesterday the words originally were Dole’s and said their presence in Brown’s message was the result of a technical error.

A technical error?  Since when is plagiarism a technical error?  Scott Brown is becoming the lame excuse Senator.  His right-hand man creates a dummy Twitter account to espouse inflammatory rhetoric?  It’s just “inserting levity.”  He votes against a Job bill literally chock full of Republican proposals?  It’s not “bipartisan.”  And now Scott Brown is caught plagiarizing – and it’s a technical error.  No big deal  Nothing to see here!

And it wasn’t just a simple accident – Scott Brown attentively left off Dole’s biographical info from the passage:

Aside from the omission of an opening line — “I am Mary and John Hanford’s daughter” — in Dole’s speech, the Bay State Republican’s language is the same throughout.

Given Brown’s comfort with plagiarism, it’s fair to ask the question, “How much of Brown’s book Against All Odds is plagiarized?”  Odds are, not more than a few passage, if any, are plagiarized.  But who knows?

When then-Senator Joe Biden was accused of plagiarizing a passage in his 1988 Presidential campaign stump speech (which, fact is, wasn’t plagiarism – he routinely credited the passage and forgot one time and was slimed with the plagiarism label), he withdrew from the 1988 Presidential campaign.

Will Scott Brown, having been caught for plagiarism here, do the decent thing and withdraw from his 2012 campaign for U.S. Senate?  Will he resign from his seat?  Probably not.  Just business as usual for the Lame Excuses Senator.

UPDATE: In a totally expected but nonetheless shockingly cowardly display, Scott Brown relies on the old Washington D.C. trick: “Blame the intern!”  Said Brown:

It was a summer intern that put together the site, we corrected it once we found out

It goes on:

Brown did not say whether he had ever seen the pasage [sic] on his website or whether he previewed the lifted words before they were posted in his name. The passage, which was directed to students visiting his site, was the sort of political autobiography that is meant to inspire. …

Brown said today that a young intern launched the site when his office had “very little time and resources to put things up.” …

He scoffed at the notion that further investigation was needed into how the text ended up on his site.

What a courageous leader Scott Brown is.  Blaming the lowly summer intern!  Any other staffers or volunteers he’d like to throw under the bus while he’s at it?  It’s the intern!  It’s the lack of time and resources!  Please don’t investigate!  Scott Brown is wearing out the victim card and demonstrating great political cowardice and a lack of responsibility in the process.

Team Plagiarist 2012!

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