Roll Call Vote Needed After All on Supplemental Spending Bill

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Statehouse News Service – After appearing ready to advance a $480 million mid-year spending bill to the governor’s desk, the House and Senate have hit a new snag with members apparently just realizing the bill requires a roll call vote to be enacted because it includes provisions dealing with the lease of the Ulin rink in Milton. The Senate attached an emergency preamble to the spending bill Monday afternoon before recessing to try to find a way around the roll call requirement that would allow the branches to enact the bill Monday afternoon. “As presently constituted the bill requires a roll call so we can’t take it up in an informal session,” Senate Minority Leader Bruce Tarr said. Both the House and Senate are holding informal sessions on Monday with just a handful of lawmakers attending. While the Senate has a formal session scheduled for Tuesday when they could roll call the bill, the House does not have a formal session on its agenda for the week and needs to enact the bill before the Senate can. “We’re in a bit of a Gordian knot, but I think you’ll see some changes pretty soon that will resolve that,” Tarr said. The Senate recessed to consider alternatives, which could include stripping the lease from the budget bill. Last Thursday and Friday, the bill was held up for a different reason – Rep. James Lyons (R-Andover) was seeking a detailed breakdown of benefit spending for citizens. The impasse was broken when Patrick administration officials pledged to provide that information.

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