RMG General Assembly on CVIM

(Voting has closed.  CVIM is staying.  For the record I voted stays.  I will have a follow up post regarding this, but let’s say I think the point I was trying to make with this exercise has been proven.  Especially when someone who is the leading proponent of banning people from a free and open exchange of ideas calls it censorship when s/he is threatened with the ban.  I also knew that RMG would vote to keep an open dialog. – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

OK, many of you have emailed me that Concerned Voter In Mass (CVIM) doesn’t add value to this website.  I’ve pushed back saying that I’m all for open dialog, hence Festus Skeffington being here. I think Festus Skeffington actually adds value to the site.  He has reasoned arguments that aren’t just regurgitations of Democratic talking points. CVIM is a talking point machine.  So I’m ready to listen.

In the spirit of the Occupy Movement I hereby call to order a General Assembly of Red Mass Group for the purposes of discussing the further Role of ConcernedVoterInMass on Red Mass Group.  

Please vote yea or nea in the poll below.  Voting will close mid day tomorrow.  

Feel free to discuss.    

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