Redistricting panel to release its plan for the Legislature

(Here it comes.   – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

So, after being left in the dark on the redistricting process for months, suddenly the Legislature will release its plans for the State House and State Senate tomorrow, according to the Boston Globe. (Don’t you just love the Legislature?) However, they will not release the Congressional Districts yet.

The Legislature’s joint redistricting committee will release its plan to redraw the state House and Senate districts at a hearing Tuesday, but it will not tackle the politically explosive redrawing of the congressional map for at least another week.

According to Ellen Story, as quoted in the Boston Herald:

But “a handful” of representatives may have to move out of their districts to keep their seat as a result of tomorrow’s announced plan, but the affected pols already know who they are, Story said.

“I don’t think anyone’s going to be surprised about their own district,” said Story.

We’ll see how the Republicans feel about this tomorrow, perhaps she is telling the truth though. After all, this may explain the high number of resignations in areas that are due to lose districts (Sen. Tolman, Rep. Speranzo, Rep. Canessa, Rep. Koutoujian).

As soon as I see the maps tomorrow, I’ll try to put the 2008 and Brown election results in, figure out who’ll be running where, and what seats we should target in 2012. Should be interesting.

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