Pre-Halloween Miscellany – of Occupation, Election Year Candy, and Justified Political Paranoia

I think probably the best thing the “Occupiers” have going for them is the fact that even people like me – people who know that the only way to get these people to go home is to stop paying attention to them – just can’t stop paying attention to them.  For me they are something of a morbid fascination, but a fascination nonetheless.  Anyhow, that’s why such a large percentage of these random thoughts touch in some way on the urban campers.

Sign of the Apocalypse? Last night on my commute home, WBZ radio reported (as though it were actual news) that “OccupyBoston” (as though it were an actual entity) has dismissed “two members of its finance team.”  How short a straw does an “Occupier” have to draw to be appointed to the “finance team”?  Isn’t that kind of like being stuck on the Temperance Society’s party planning committee?  And who is next to get the boot?  The camp haberdasher?

Elections Have Consequences. Read this blog post from NRO.  When the President essentially federalized the student loan industry earlier in his term there was some protest from conservatives, but the broader public barely noticed.  Now, he is using his new, total control over student lending to hand out big fistfuls of election-year largesse to an element of his base that he desperately needs to get fired up in time for November 2012.  Pretty crass stuff.  Elections have consequences – often for future elections.

Just one difference… The Lowell Sun compares Elizabeth Warren’s recent claim to intellectual parentage of the Occupy Wall Street movement with Al Gore’s infamous claim to have invented the internet. I’ve seen that comparison a few other places too, and it’s fine so far as it goes. Both are significant political gaffes revealing a certain inflated sense of self-importance.  One difference: Al Gore didn’t actually invent the internet.

The Occupiers had just better not set up any lemonade stands.  Occupy Boston – and their counterparts around the nation – are vowing to stay put “for as long as it takes to bring a sea change to America’s corporate culture.” That’s fine by me, although I think they are pretty vastly over-estimating their influence… READ THE REST at CriticalMASS

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