One of the National Leaders of Occupy Wall Street

(This is not as the Dewey Sq campers would lead you to believe a movement led by peace loving people. – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

Let me introduce to you one of the people who has taken control of this protest movement.  

World Renowned, Lisa Fithian.  Fresh from Operation Gaza which attempted to start a war in the Middle East.  P.S.  She wasn’t on the American  side.

From Breiberts News Website:

“Here’s how Byron York described Fithian in his 2005 article on her role in Cindy Sheehan’s anti-war protests near President George W. Bush’s ranch in Texas:   “Fithian is a legendary organizer who operates in the world of anti-globalism anarchists, antiwar protesters, and union activists; an advocate of aggressive “direct action” demonstrations, she protested the first Gulf war, played an important role in the violent shutdown of Seattle during the 1999 World Trade Organization meeting, was a key planner in protests at the Republican and Democratic national conventions in 2000 and 2004, and organized demonstrations at trade meetings in Washington, D.C., Prague, and Genoa.” read more at…

Kids beware.  You are being led down a road that will only end in tears.



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    Protests against corporate power in the United States began in the basement of an old house in Vancouver, behind massive trees, down wooden stairs, past a box of soup cans for recycling, at the world headquarters of Adbusters magazine.

    Last July the counter-culture magazine, known for campaigns like “buy nothing day,” printed a poster calling on activists to occupy Wall Street in New York on September 17.

    Tens of thousands of people responded and – perhaps also in response to Adbuster’s suggestion “Bring tent” – stayed.

    Adbusters founder and editor Kalle Lasn told AFP the magazine hopes to expand the protest globally – and for the first time aim it at a more specific message than the protester’s unfocused anger at the ultra-rich, corporations and governments.

    Lasn is calling for a massive protest by 50 million people October 29 to demand a one percent tax on financial transactions, before the G20 meets in France early next month.

    A one percent Robin Hood tax on all financial transactions and currency trades would slow down fast money, and it will have a major impetus on the global economy,” said Lasn.

    “At the moment (the protests) are messy, nothing clear is coming out of it, it’s not yet transforming itself into a positive program of social and political change… we are trying to create a big moment, a global moment.”

    I wonder if those dolts know they are just pawns in someone else’s “global” agenda?

  • Considering everything we know about the ‘Occupy’ movement thus far, why does Garrett Quinn continue to preach that “these people are JUST LIKE the Tea Party”?

    Hmmm… I don’t THINK so!

  • CVarley

    As I see it, we both start at the same point –

    The relationship (accountability, responsibility & transparency) that should exist between taxpayers/voters and government has been usurped by special interests (unions, industry associations, corporations, etc).

    The Tea Party advocates less government, most especially at the Federal level. It is only by decreasing the number of players in government that we can decrease the amount of influence “outsiders” can have on policy. Fewer people with less power means there is less to influence.

    The Flea Party wants more government to oversee existing government as well as regulate the relationships that are getting in the way.

    Hmmmm, which makes more sense to you?