Occupy Boston to Tom Menino: “You F’ed up, you trusted us”

The Herald is reporting that an event called “Greenway Mobile Food Fest” has been cancelled due to the “rambling Occupy Boston encampment.”

It appears that Tom Menino overplayed his hand on this one. He trusted his liberal pals from all walks of life, including, but not limited to, professional protesters, union thugs, naive college students, and folks with a legit reason to be angry with both today’s local and national politicians. Under the ruse that this was about the reestablishing the middle class, the aforementioned trampled on public property, failed to pull permits, and apparently left behind a sizable mess. Oh yea, those union cops did what cops do, they arrested folks that didn’t move off public property when asked to do so. So much for union solidarity!

In the meantime “Greenway Mobile Food Fest” has been postponed until the Spring. My guess is some business was lost when a public event such as the “Food Fest” is cancelled, thus adding to the strange and curious outcome associated with the Mayor for Life’s expression of goodwill to his liberal pals. And could lost business translate into a lost job or two?

Perhaps the line from Animal House sums it up best. “You F’ed up, you trusted us.”  

No winners. Only angry college kids and other assorted trouble makers who may be appropriately angry, but never knew when to go home.

Food fest called off due to Occupy Boston tent city

The rambling Occupy Boston encampment in downtown has forced the Rose F. Kennedy Greenway Conservancy to call off a food fest long planned for this weekend.

The “Greenway Mobile Food Fest” set for Saturday has been canceled and won’t be held until the spring, the conservancy announced today.


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