MASSTERLIST: Casinos pass Senate – Lyons brings House informal to a halt – Jim King’s path to victo

CASINOS: The Senate finally, mercifully, passed the casino bill yesterday. (RepublicanWBURT&GSun) What does this one selectman from Wilbraham think? (Republican)

THE RACE FOR 3RD PLACE: This changes everythingBernstein Sirens©: ACTIVATE! (Phoenix) Watch out, Ramblin’ Tom, you’ve got competition. (Greater Boston)

LYONS OF THE HOUSE: What in the name of Karyn Polito is going on in the House? Did Jim Lyons get jealous of Sen. Eldridge’s sick tent (which he doesn’t even have!) and start his own sit-in over his sup amendment? (RMG)

MAYOR OF THE PEOPLE: The Gov gets dragged into Lantigualand. (Eagle Trib.)

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