Last night’s debate – your thoughts?

If you saw it great, if not I’d like your thoughts anyway from what articles you have read.

My thoughts:

Mitt Romney came off like a big baby.  He has this ‘Gee, my turn to talk’ kind of whiny attitude that reminds me of the kid in high school that would demand to say something in order to get class participation points.  I am really turning off to Mitt about now.  Man-Up, Mitt!  I was especially disappointed that he could not understand that Cain’s 9-9-9 plan does not affect the individual state sales tax rates.  He was playing dumb to make a point and it made him look like a fool. (in my eyes) One last thing Mitt – when your deep in thought and you squint your eyebrows move down into your eyes and look very dark and morbid.  Not a good look for you….

Rick Perry – Go home!  I have seen all I can stand from this clown.  This huckleberry has no class on stage and is thoroughly out of date in his arguments and ideas.  He is winging it on stage and it shows.  His handlers ought to be ashamed.  He was ‘Boo-ed’ more often than he was applauded last night by a margin of about 3 to 1.  

Michelle Bachmann – I give her credit for focusing on Obama and the POTUS’ failures in office.  It is apparent that she is just chiming her talking points.  Fix the hair and tone down the smile – you’re on stage fighting for your political life girl….

Rick Santorum – what the hell was that?  I admire you effort to get Mitt Romney to own up to Romneycare, but lighten up dude!  And when Mitt responds don’t dare tell him ‘You’re out of time’.  You are not the scorekeeper in this F’in debate!

Ron Paul – One or two good lines, but I have somehow shut you off from any real consideration in this race.  Can you go home and ask your son to take your place – then I will listen….

Newt Gingrich – fabulous performance for the third time.  Newt Gingrich speaks with confidence, calmness and an air of authority unmatched in this race.  Newt is at 10,000 feet while most of the others are scraping along the road on their knees.  I am giving newt a second consideration.

Herman Cain – Not your best performance, but still good enough to keep my listening.  It is clear that the others are attacking your 9-9-9 tax and jobs plan, but please make the point that most of the others ‘don’t have a plan worth mentioning’.  I still love your smile, calm demeanor and ability to stay likable while getting attacked.  That shows real leadership, but come next time with further details to explain 9-9-9 so everyone can understand.  

Winner – Cain and Bachmann.  Cain needed to stay strong and he did.  Bachmann needed a comeback and she got it.

Losers – Perry and Romney.  Romney needed to stay strong and he did NOT.  Perry is dirt.

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