Elizabeth Warren’s Predatory Gaming Lobbyist Campaign Consultant Pens Email Against Lobbyists

It must be very tough being a predatory gaming lobbyist and the campaign consultant for a candidate who is supposedly against all things predatory.  Especially if you’re Doug Rubin, lobbyist for predatory slot machine manufacturer GTech, not to forget campaign manager for Predatory Lender Deval Patrick.  

When you serve two masters sometimes you are forced to attack yourself.  Take for instance this email, sent under Doug Rubin’s name, on behalf of Elizabeth Warren.

As one of Elizabeth Warren’s earliest supporters, you know she’s a tireless fighter for working families. She’s gone toe-to-toe with the big banks and armies of corporate lobbyists — and won — and she’ll do it again as Massachusetts’ next United States Senator.

Rubin is the signatory to that email fundraising request, not Elizabeth Warren.  Shouldn’t he be disclosing to the recipients of that letter that he is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Northwind Strategies, a consulting and lobbying firm that has among it’s clients:  Deepwater Wind, GTECH Corporation, Equity Office Properties, and the Massachusetts Association of Health Plans.

So the reason, according to Doug Rubin, to support Elizabeth Warren is that she fights lobbyists.  Well that is of course unless she’s hiring them to run her campaign.

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