CriticalMASS Top 10 Reads of the Week – October 7, 2011

A wide range of stuff this week, including:

The President of Contempt – Bret Stephens [Wall Street Journal]

Nixon was tricky. Ford was clumsy. Carter was dour. Reagan was sunny. Bush 41 was prudent. Clinton felt your pain. Bush 43 was stubborn. And Barack Obama is . . .

Early in America’s acquaintance with the man who would become the 44th president, the word that typically sprang from media lips to describe him was “cool.”…


Center of the American Experiment’s Mitch Pearlstein with some intriguing thoughts on the nexus between marriage and incarceration;

George Will weighing in devastatingly on the Warren “Social Compact” meme;

Peter Thiel with some sobering, fascinating deep thoughts about stalling progress and what it means for our future;

Steve Jobs (via Jim Stergios) on what unions have meant to education in this country;

Progressive group think finds its purest expression in The Funniest (and most disturbing) Thing I Saw This Week – courtesy: the good folks at OccupyWallStreet;

AND The Funniest Non-Disturbing Thing I Saw This Week, as the Onion goes after our beloved Boston Globe.


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