CriticalMASS Top 10 Reads of the Week – October 14, 2011

We start this week, as we must, with the Occupation.  I’d been waiting for the Weekly Standard’s Matt Labash to write – he does the ‘conservative embed with the lefties’ piece like nobody else.  His article does not disappoint:

Eyewitness to History! – Matt Labash [Weekly Standard]

It is Day 18 when I arrive at the Occupy Wall Street protests. When dealing with antiestablishment types, I like to let them get established. It seems only sporting, since the early moments of any order-changing upheaval can look like utter chaos. But being slow off the mark might have cost me. For by the time I get to lower Manhattan, The Revolution has been going on so long that the revolutionaries have already started selling out. 

When I arrive at Occupy Wall Street (OWS) ground zero at Zuccotti Park, only a few blocks over from the World Trade Center ground zero, the first revolutionaries I encounter are two masked-up anarchists named Spooky and Newport. They wear studded leather jackets which bear hand-painted inscriptions like “Fight War, Not Wars” and are clad in black from head to toe. Except Newport additionally sports a chartreuse fright wig and sunglasses with reflecting marijuana leaves on the lenses. They seem to know they’re a spectacle, since they stand in front of a cardboard sign that reads “Pictures for change or a dollar.” Meaning the passing fanny-packing tourist hordes or smirking financial sector barbarians can get their snaps taken with Spooky and Newport as if they were mascots at Disney’s new Protester World Experience…

Then we move to Fast and Furious, which continues to percolate beneath the notice of much (though not all) of the mainstream media. As the WaPo’s Marc Thiessen notes, F&F is hardly the first time AG Eric Holder has found himself at the center of an Obama Administration embarrassment.

Eric Holder, Obama’s Albatross – Marc A. Thiessen [Washington Post]

President Obama says that he has “complete confidence” in Attorney General Eric Holder. That’s good news for Republicans. Pick almost any unnecessary, losing battle in Obama’s first term, and his hapless attorney general is at the center of it.

If not for the fact that so many of Holder’s decisions harm national security, he would be a political dream come true for the GOP – delivering up reliably disastrous controversies for the president every few months…

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