Biotech Must Give It Back

We know where the money is. The universities have billions, and are mainly spending it on their biotech departments and law schools. We should get it back from them. They overcharged us for their product based on the availability of cheap loans from the government that were all but forced on trusting and earnest young people. Now the public owns millions of college degrees to go along with our millions of abandoned suburban houses. We can’t do much with those houses (but we can reclaim some land back into farmland as Detroit is doing), but we can ask Universities to give back their billions before they spend it on their biotech and legal departments.

It’s ridiculous that the world is teetering on brink of financial collapse even as universities sit on billion dollar endowments and write big checks to thousands of biotech workers. They should just stop paying all those people, stop paying for their shiny new labs, and give back the money to save the world from collapse, right away, before it’s too late.

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