Art Imitates Life in Crime Fiction by Pete Morin

(Seems to be worth a read. A Massachusetts political corruption novel… – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

Hello gang. Some of you might remember me from long ago when I went by a different screen name.

A while ago, I turned away from political blogging in order to write fiction. My debut novel, Diary of a Small Fish, is now out, and I’m here to do a little marketing (with Rob’s permission), since it’s the kind of story that political junkies might like to read.

Diary of a Small Fish is the story of a former back-bench House member who gets his tit in the wringer for playing golf with his lobbyist buddies. In the art-imitates-life category, he is prosecuted under the same criminal statute as Sal DiMasi – the  “theft of honest services” provision of the mail fraud statute. In this case, however, he is a victim of the machinations of a vindictive prosecutor with payback on his mind (Sal should have been so lucky).

There is a healthy amount of State House and MBTA inside baseball that ought to entertain many of you, if you like crime fiction. Here’s what one reviewer had to say:

The fast-paced twists and turns, the huge cast of vivid characters, the intriguing world of politics and corruption, the rich detail of the Boston setting and the whipsmart dialogue all collude to reel you in. I found myself thinking about this world and these characters for days after I finished the novel.

I will be throwing a book party next month to celebrate the launch, and maybe sell a book or two. If you’re interested, I’ll post the info on it. Word is, you’ll be able to see some of those “lobbyist” creatures at the event.

Thanks for checking it out!

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