Tierney’s slap on the wrist

(Holly Robichaud’s post on her section of the Boston Herald)


You have to see the humor in the hypocrisy  of Democrats.  How many days did Mrs. Tierney go to jail?  That’s right, she got 30 days for aiding and abetting in filing false tax returns.  I think we can all categorize it as a slap on the wrist.  Former Speaker Sal DiMasi got 8 years for his kick-back scheme in which he accepted $65,000 illegally.  Then there is repeat offender former State Senator Dianne Wilkerson.  She got 3 1/2 years for stuffing her bra with a few thousand.

Can we all agree that Mrs. Tierney got a slap on the wrist?

Lately her husband has been calling for investigation on everything under the sun in attempt to redeem the tarnished Tierney image.  The only thing he hasn’t run to the microphone to investigate lately besides his wife is Solyndra.  Tierney, as the new Dudley Do-Right, called the Defense Department’s barring of an Afghan Company, Watan, from doing business with the United States a slap on the wrist.  He would know about slaps!  Tierney is probably right, but the problem is that he has no credibility whatsoever.  Remember, he claims that he had no idea what his wife was doing.  I have yet to find a person who believes him.  Do you?

Because he is so tarnished it makes him ineffective Congressman.  It is time for Tierney to go.

Update:  Liberals please spare me from the comments that Mrs. Tierney has paid her debt to society.  If she wasn’t married to a Congressman, don’t you think she would have received some real time?

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