The Next Time, These 84 Massachusetts Democrats May be Accessories BEFORE the Fact

Yesterday, Matthew Denice’s family buried him.  Denice, as you may remember, was brutally killed by Nicolas Guaman.  Nicolas, had been previously arrested in 2008 for assault and battery.  Nicolas is a self described illegal immigrant.  If the Federal Secure Communities program had been in place in 2008, Nicolas would have been deported and Matthew Denice would not have been killed by him.  It’s that simple.  

The 84 Democrats you see below, voted against Betty Poiriers Amendment to join Secure Communities.  The vote took place on April 28, 2011. The next time an illegal immigrant kills, rapes, or assaults an innocent person and that illegal immigrant was previously arrested after April 28, 2011, these 84 Democrats will be accessories to that crime before the fact.

After the jump you will see contact information for every one of the representatives pictured.

Row 1

Bob DeLeo (D-Winthrop) – 617-722-500 –

Ronald Mariano (D-Quincy) – 617-722-2300

Patrica Haddad (D-Somerset) – 617-722-2600

Charles Murphy (D-Burlington) – 617-722-2783

Kathi-Anne Reinstein (D-Revere) 617-722-2180

Kevin Aguiar (D-Fall River) 617-722-2320

Denise Andrews(D-Orange) 617-722-2460

Cory Atkins (D-Concord) 617-722-2692

Demetrius Atsalis (D-Barnstable) 617-722-2080

Row 2

Ruth Balser (D-Newton) 617-722-2396

Carlo Basile (D-East Boston) 617-722-2220

Jennifer Benson (D-Lunenburg) 617-722-2017

John Binienda (D-Worcester) 617-722-2692

Paul Brodeur (D-Melrose) 617-722-2400

William Brownsberger (D-Belmont) 617-722-2020

Antonio Cabral (D-New Bedford) 617-722-2017

Gailanne Cariddi (D-North Adams) 617-722-2130

Tackey Chan (D-Quincy) 617-722-2430

Row 3

Cheryl Coakley-Rivera (D-Springfield) 617-722-2014 Cheryl.Coakley-

Thomas Conroy (D-Wayland) 617-722-2430

Michael Costello (D-Newburyport) 617-722-2220

Brian Dempsey (D-Haverhill) 617-722-2990

Marcos Devers (D-Lawrence) 617-722-2011

Paul Donato (D-Medford) 617-722-2040

Carolyn Dykema (D-Holliston) 617-722-2210

Ann-Magaret Ferrante (D-Gloucester) 617-722-2210 Ann-

Michael Finn (D-West Springfield) 617-722-2400

Row 4

Linda Dorcena Forry (D-Dorchester) 617-722-2080

Gloria Fox (D-Roxbury) 617-722-2810

John Fresolo (D-Worcester) 617-722-2240

William Galvin (D-Canton) 617-722-2582

Sean Garballey (D-Arlington) 617-722-2090

Denise Garlick (D-Needham) 617-722-2430

Anne Gobi (D-Spencer) 617-722-2210”

Jonathan Hecht (D-Watertown) 617-722-2140

Carlos Henriquez (D-Dorchester) 617-722-2060

Row 5

Kate Hogan (D-Stow) 617-722-2637

Russell Holmes (D-Boston) 617-722-2220

Kevin Honan (D-Brighton) 617-722-2470

Louis Kafka (D-Stoughton) 617-722-2960

Michael Kane (D-Holyoke) 617-722-2090

Jay Kaufman (D-Lexington) 617-722-2320

John Keenan (D-Salem) 617-722-2263

Kay Kahn (D-Newton) 617-722-2011

Peter Kocot (D-Northampton) 617-722-2140

Row 6

Stephen Kulik (D-Worthington) 617-722-2380

Jason Lewis (D-Winchester) 617-722-2017

Timothy Madden (D-Nantucket) 617-722-2810

John Mahoney (D-Worcester) 617-722-2450

Elizabeth Malia (D-Jamaica Plain) 617-722-2060

Paul Mark (D-Hancock) 617-722-2210

Paul McMurtry (D-Dedham) 617-722-2015

Aaron Michlewitz (D-Boston) 617-722-2400

Michael Moran (D-Brighton) 617-722-2460

Row 7

James Murphy (D-Weymouth) 617-722-2140

James O’Day (D-Worcester) 617-722-2370 James.O’

Eugene O’Flaherty (D-Chelsea) 617-722-2396

Sara Peake (D-Provincetown) 617-722-2015

Alice Peisch (D-Wellesley) 617-722-2070

William Pignatelli (D-Lenox) 617-722-2582

Denise Provost (D-Somerville) 617-722-2263

John Rogers (D-Walpole) 617-722-2092

Byron Rushing (D-Boston) 617-722-2006

Row 8

Jeffrey Sanchez (D-Jamaica Plain) 617-722-2130

Tom Sannicandro (D-Ashland) 617-722-2013

Angelo Scaccia (D-Readville) 617-722-2060

Paul Schmid (D-Westport) 617-722-2014

John Scibak (D-South Hadley) 617-722-2240

Carl Sciortino (D-Medford) 617-722-2013

Stephen Smith (D-Everett) 617-722-2013

Frank Smizik (D-Brookline) 617-738-9838

Christopher Speranzo (D-Pittsfield) Now Clerk of Court at Pittsfield District Court 413.442.5468

Row 9

Joyce Spiliotis (D-Peabody) 617-722-2430

Thomas Stanley (D-Waltham) 617-722-2230

Ellen Story (D-PRofAmherst) 617-722-2012

David Sullivan (D-Fall River) 617-722-2070

Benjamin Swan (D-Springfield)617-722-2680

Timothy Toomey (D-Cambridge) 617-722-2380

David Torrisi (D-North Andover) 617-722-2396

Cleon Turner (D-Dennis) 617-722-2090

Marty Walsh (D-Dorchester) 617-722-2020

Row 10

Stephen Walsh (D-Lynn) 617-722-2430

Martha Walz (D-Cambridge) 617-722-2380

Alice Wolf (D-Cambridge) 617-722-2810

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