Ten More Random RELEVANT Things

1) With State GOP Chairs in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Hawaii pulling a Palin and bolting mid-term, is this the start of a trend?

2) Who is hurt most by Chris Christie’s continued dangling of a Christie 2012 campaign – Mitt Romney as the allegedly center-right voice or Rick Perry as the allegedly tough-talking voice?  I’m thinking Romney.  Follow-up question: Does Christie care?

3) On the topic of 2012 campaigns that won’t occur, does Sarah Palin actually think that anyone still thinks she might actually run?  Or has she realized yet that we all know this is just a push for more donations?

4) David Bernstein had a very plausible take on the GOP’s approach to the 2014 MA-Gov race.  Scott Brown won’t run for Governor if/when he loses the 2012 U.S. Senate race.  Charlie Baker will try to keep the field clear for as long as possible before bailing on another run.  Mary Connaughton will pass on a campaign; but, Lew Evangelidis might be the GOP’s strongest bet.  Your thoughts?

5) If you thought that Elizabeth Warren video went viral quickly, here’s a video that deserves to be a viral video Hall of Famer!

6) It’s swell that Republican Alabama State Senator Scott Beason apologized for calling African Americans “aborigines” because it was “careless and unnecessary” but it would have been a more thorough and meaningful apology if the Republican State Senator also apologized for his words because they were “racist and reprehensibly vile.”

7) Mitt Romney is leading in Iowa according to a new ARG poll.  Is this an indicator that Rick Perry’s abysmal debate performances are hurting him?  Will this provoke Romney to revisit campaigning for an Iowa caucus win?  Does this give Michele Bachmann new hope?

8) Will Pennsylvania’s Republican Governor and majority-Republican state legislature respect the will of the people and keep Pennsylvania’s electoral votes a winner-take-all system, or will they disregard the will of the people and switch to a Congressional district breakdown solely for political gain?

9) Any Republicans planning on running against a shockingly (or not shockingly…) ignorant Speaker DeLeo?

10) This September’s play suggests that the Sox don’t deserve the playoffs… but, Go Sox!

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